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Art in the Fourth Dimension: Digital, Film, Internet

February 16, 2012

Art in the Fourth Dimension: Digital, Film, Internet

Lecture given February 14, 2012


February 16, 2012

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  1. Art  in  the  4th  Dimension:   Digital,  Film,  Internet  

    Reading:   Ar,orms,  133-­‐147     Terms/Concepts:   persistence  of  vision,  shot,   montage,  mo=on  capture,   video  installa=on,  digital   art,  interac=ve  art,   internet  art,  
  2. What  is  the  “4th  Dimension?”:   A  Humanis=c  Explana=on  

    The  2nd  Dimension:    Exists  on  a  flat  plane.    Space  is  only  implied.    Mo=on  is  only  implied.    Time  is  only  implied.    Texture  is  oMen  only   implied.   2nd  Dimension:  Raffello  Sanzio  da  Urbino,   Portrait  of  Lorenzo  di  Medici,  1519.      
  3. What  is  the  “4th  Dimension?”:   A  Humanis=c  Explana=on  

    The  3rd  Dimension:    Image  exists  in  the   viewers’  space.    Is  typically  more  tac=le.    Most  movement   depends  on  the  viewer.    Time  is  mostly  implied.   3rd  Dimension:  Andrea  del  Verrocchio,   Portrait  of  Lorenzo  di  Medici,  Cast  Bronze,   1480.      
  4. What  is  the  “4th  Dimension?”:   A  Humanis=c  Explana=on  

    The  4th  Dimension:    Time    Sound    Interac=on    Movement    Experience  that  is   more  than  or  beyond   the  visual.   4th  Dimension:  Sylvain  Bernard,  “Ezio  and   Lorenzo  di  Medici”  from  Assassin’s  Creed   2,  2009.  
  5. What  is  the  “4th  Dimension?”:   A  Humanis=c  Explana=on  

    The  4th  Dimension:    Film    Video  Installa=on    Sound  Art    Digital  Art    Performance  Art   4th  Dimension:  Sylvain  Bernard,  “Ezio  and   Lorenzo  di  Medici”  from  Assassin’s  Creed   2,  2009.  
  6. Performance   Film/Video   Digital  

  7. Experimen=ng  with  Movement   Eadweard  Muybridge,  The  Horse  in  Mo=on,

  8. Experimen=ng  with  Movement   Eadweard  Muybridge,  The  Horse  in  Mo=on,

     1878.     See  Video  Below  
  9. Experimen=ng  with  Movement   Zootrope  with  Running  Horse.   See

     Video  Below  
  10. Film   Edwin  Porter,  The  Great  Train  Robbery,  Film  S=ll,

  11. Film   Edwin  G.  Porter,  The  Great  Train  Robbery,  1903

      See  Video  Below  
  12. Orson  Welles,  Ci<zen  Kane,  film  s=ll,  1941.   Cinema  and

  13. Joseph  L.  Mankiewcz,  Cleopatra,  film  s=ll,  1963.   Cinema  and

  14. Cinema  and  Art   Katsuhiro  Ohtomo,  Akira,  Film  S=ll,  1988.

  15. Guillermo  del  Toro,  Pan’s  Labyrinth,  Film  S=ll,  2006.   Cinema

     and  Art  
  16. Video  Art   Salvador  Dali  and  Luis  Brunel,  Un  Chien

     Andalou,  c.  1930-­‐1940.   See  Video  Below  
  17. Video  Art   Mahhew  Barney,  Cremaster  3,  Video,  2002.  

    See  Video  Below  
  18. Video  Installa=on   Nam  June  Paik,  Video  Flag  Z,  Mul=-­‐Media,

     television  sets,  videodiscs,   videodisc  players,  Plexiglas  modular  cabinet,  1986.  
  19. Video  Installa=on   Nam  June  Paik,  Video  Flag  Z,  Mul=-­‐Media,

     television  sets,  videodiscs,   videodisc  players,  Plexiglas  modular  cabinet,  1986.   See  Video  Below  
  20. Video  Installa=on   Bjorn  Melhus,  Men  S=ll  Out  There,  2003

      See  Video  Below  
  21. What  is  Digital  Art?   Grahame  Weinbren:     “the

     digital  revolu=on  is  a  revolu=on  of  random  access  .”   ENIAC  1946   Apple  II  1971   First  Website  1990   World  Wide  Web  1993  
  22. What  is  Digital  Art?   Can  be…    Images  

     Films    Websites    Programs    Games    SoMware    Machines     Themes:    Interac=on    Changing  Technology    Virtuality    Veracity/Decep=on   An  artwork  created  and  distributed  by  u=lizing   digital  technologies.  
  23. Digital  Art   Vera  Molnar,  (Des)Ordres,  Ploher  Drawing,  1974.  

  24. For  web-­‐based  artworks…   Rhizome.org