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Big Picture UX (ConveyUX)

Eb6ed5a43c9e971755ad26256fd3c954?s=47 Nick Finck
March 04, 2013

Big Picture UX (ConveyUX)

Presented at ConveyUX in Seattle Washington on March 4th, 2013.

As the field of UX professionals matures and the disciplines of interaction design, information architecture, user research, user interface design, and usability evolve to support modern technology we need to start looking at the big picture of UX. We need to go back to the roots of what UX means and how we should approach UX challenges.


Nick Finck

March 04, 2013


  1. Mobile, Web, and the Cross-Channel Experience March 4th 2013 presented

    by nick finck Big Picture UX
  2. Who the heck?

  3. Photo credit: Jeff Croft Director of UX projekt202 Personal Site

    NickFinck.com Twitter @nickf Notable UX toreador
  4. ...or you can just call me “dude.”

  5. we make software make sense.

  6. 100+ designers, technologists, researchers, & strategists 3 studios + 5

    satellite offices Denver Austin Seattle Berlin Dallas Denmark Los Angeles Philadelphia
  7. Some of our clients

  8. Where Are We?

  9. we are at a pivotal moment in time

  10. Things are about to get epic

  11. Viva La Revolution

  12. Mobile Revolution!

  13. Mobile First

  14. None
  15. Responsive Web Design

  16. None
  17. Beyond what we think

  18. None
  19. No, I mean really beyond...

  20. None
  21. Well beyond...

  22. None
  23. We’re thinking too small

  24. Don’t be the greedy Han Solo...

  25. Be the hero Han Solo!

  26. Photo credit: Lauren Goode, All Things Digital We need to

    get beyond the notion that sales are won or lost in a single channel or through a single aspect of our businesses.
  27. We call this the cross-channel experience

  28. Mobile and physical shopping experiences need to become seamless –

    embracing technology can bring in more customers. - Steve Rothwell. The Guardian, 2012
  29. 43 percent of smarpthone owners have used their mobile device

    while in a store for a shopping purpose. - comScore Inc., Shop.org and The Partnering Group, 2012
  30. None
  31. None
  32. And its not just retail that is evolving with technology..

  33. Multi-platform consumption is today’s new reality. 1 in 3 minutes

    spent online is now spent beyond the PC. - comScore Inc., Mobile - Future in Focus 2013
  34. Mobile is changing how entire industries work • Mobile Commerce

    • Point of Sale • Coupons and Offers Retail • TV Everywhere • Social Television • Interactive E-books Media • Clinical Trials • Salesforce Automation • Tablet Electronic Records Healthcare • Mobile Banking / Payments • Loyalty / Rewards Programs • Mobile Financial Trading Systems Financial Services • Digital Concierge • In-Room Automation • Tables for High Touch Customer Service Hospitality • Navigation / Telematics • Airline Mobile Ticketing / Check-in • Automotive Apps Transportation • Content Delivery • App Stores • Messaging Telco • Government to Citizen • Smart Parking • Education / Advocacy Public Sector
  35. Geography Industry Business Process People Function A New World

  36. None
  37. Two Examples

  38. None
  39. I needed a lift to the airport

  40. I decided to use Uber

  41. My location is inherent in the mobile app

  42. In 8 minutes a car pulled up

  43. Payments are automated & you can rate the driver

  44. Receipt is emailed

  45. I can track my trips online

  46. • Web - Account creation, trip history • Mobile -

    Request car, rate driver, tracking, phone verification • Environment - The towncar • Email - Receipt, follow-up • Staff - The driver, customer support Touchpoints
  47. None
  48. I wanted to get a mountain bike

  49. So I researched them online

  50. I wanted to try them out in-person

  51. They had many mountain bikes

  52. ...and places to test them!

  53. Photo credit: Hien Nguyen • Web - Product research, check

    inventory locations • Product - The bikes • Staff - Subject matter expert, sales support • Environment - Retail store, test trails Touchpoints
  54. So What dude?

  55. Doing this will lead you to being...

  56. Certified Awesome!

  57. Thank you.