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A view of Corporate Networks in Belgium

Niek Bartholomeus

July 28, 2017

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  1. openthebox.be A view of Corporate Networks in Belgium

  2. Introduction https://www.internet2.edu/blogs/detail/12535/ Rik’s tweet about the Belgian public companies: Convert

    this awesome idea into a real system:
  3. Me Niek Bartholomeus @niekbartho Background as a developer Spent 6

    years evangelizing DevOps in big organizations Switched to data engineering and data science early 2016 http://niek.bartholomeus.be
  4. Corporate networks in Belgium Open data KBO NBB Belgian Official

  5. Corporate networks in Belgium Data structure Company Annual account Person

    administer administer Person represent Company participate Company participate Company Politician mandate
  6. openthebox.be Demo

  7. openthebox.be Why openthebox.be? Fun Improve the world Business card

  8. openthebox.be Import companies from KBO Integrate inputs Import annual accounts

    from NBB Export csv Cytoscape.js Lightweight framework Bash & Cypher CRUNCHER ($$$) WEBSERVER ($) Import political mandates Architecture
  9. openthebox.be Ops mindset http://wpmlabs.com/ Availability: Scalability: Dev Ops nightmares Resilient

    code Circuit breakers AWS EC2 Elastic Load Balancer Auto Scaling Group
  10. openthebox.be Logging: Piwik Monitoring: Datadog & StatusCake Infrastructure: AWS EC2

    UI / UX: outsourced Legal stuff: terms and conditions, privacy policy, copyright, … Many other things to keep in mind: Marketing! Security: firewall, SSL certificate, regular patching, … Idea to Production
  11. Thank you Niek Bartholomeus @niekbartho https://openthebox.be http://niek.bartholomeus.be