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The Challenges of Using the Global Position System in Abu Dhabi

The Challenges of Using the Global Position System in Abu Dhabi

Amna Mohamed Saleh Alkaabi
UAE University

Nathaniel V. KELSO

October 15, 2015

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  1. Amna Alkaabi & Dr. Naeema Alhosani
    The Challenges of Using
    Global Position System in
    Abu Dhabi
    Minneapolis, MN
    October 14th–17th, 2015

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  4. Outline
    •  Introduction
    •  Study objective
    •  Study Area
    •  Methodology
    •  What are the challenges ?
    •  Results?

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  5. Introduction:
    This study focuses on the relationship
    between tourism and geography. Tourism
    and geography are related in many
    common points such as the economy,
    the social-culture, and the local

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  6. Study Objective:
    This research paper examines the tourists
    who always use the Global Position System
    (GPS) as a resource to arrive to their
    It has observed that some tourists face many
    problems in using GPS such as:
    1- Slow connection
    2- Lack in the knowledge of using electronic
    3- Besides, tourism paper map requires time to
    reach tourists final destination.

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  7. Objective count.
    Due to these problems of the GPS, the author
    created a simple device that provides the
    routes for major tourists destinations through
    sending SMS on tourists mobile phones to lead
    them to the tourism points in an accurate way
    and fastest way and time.
    Therefore, the goals of this device were to
    facilitate the ease of using GPS and to enhance
    the importance of spatial data in our daily life.

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  8. Study Area

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  9. •  The sample size was 142 responders from UAE.
    •  The target areas were Abu Dhabi emirate, includes
    Al Ain city.

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  10. What are the challenges ?
    •  Tourists using GPS
    •  Tourists Facing Problem with GPS
    •  Create an application or a device provides the guidance
    of the way to the tourism destination.

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  11. The results
    •  Abu Dhabi is the optimal place to apply the
    guidance device, since it is the capital city
    and the largest Emirate in UAE.
    •  It has a lot of Attractive tourism
    •  The device is highly needed for enhancing
    the sustainability by providing the guide line
    via SMS on phones instead of a paper map.

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