Proven Strategies for Web Application Security by Justin C. Klein Keane

Proven Strategies for Web Application Security by Justin C. Klein Keane

OWASP Montreal - February 25th - Proven Strategies for Web Application Security

MAIN PRESENTER: Justin C. Klein Keane

ABSTRACT: The rising dominance of the web as an application delivery platform has focused attacker attention squarely on the security of dynamic web applications. Application security is a complex, and shifting, field. Learn about tested and successful techniques to build safer applications, find flaws before they become vulnerabilities, and deploy applications that can detect, and resist attack.

BIO: Justin C. Klein Keane is a security engineer and chapter leaders of OWASP in Philadelphia. For over a decade Justin has worked as a trainer, coder, and exploit developer. Justin is currently writing a book for NoStarch Press on hacking, speaks regularly at conferences, holds a masters degree in information technology from the University of Pennsylvania and is credited with hundreds of application vulnerability discoveries.

WHEN: February 25th 2014


OWASP Montréal

February 25, 2014