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Designed for Engagement

Paul Jervis Heath
November 05, 2014

Designed for Engagement

Originally presented at JBoye 2014 in Aarhus. The synopsis from the conference website…

Our expectations for the tools we get to use at work are increasingly informed by the digital experiences we have at home.

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend started because executives want to bring their own iPhones work rather than be hampered by the limiting corporate Blackberry. But BYOD and dissatisfaction with the tools companies provide is only the tip of the iceberg.

Digital Workplaces and the applications they host are a massive opportunity for companies to gain an evolutionary advantage. Investing in digital tools for operations and client-facing staff can optimise workflows, reduce costs and lead to an improved customer experience.

Paul-Jervis Heath, designer and innovation consultant will talk about reimagining Digital Workplaces for the people who use them, based on the higher expectations of employees and their latent needs.
He’ll illustrate his talk with insights from ethnography in call-centres and from shadowing at a tech giant and talk about how each led to design interventions specific to the culture, environment and needs of the employees.

Paul Jervis Heath

November 05, 2014

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  1. Paul-Jervis Heath, Modern Human. at Aarhus 2014 on Tuesday, 4

    November 2014. DESIGNED FOR ENGAGEMENT MODERN HUMAN @modhuman @pauljervisheath
  2. MODERN HUMAN @modhuman @pauljervisheath 70% 79% Shoppers who use their

    smartphones to help with shopping Shoppers who use their smartphones whilst standing in a store
  3. The move in design is away from ‘whole intranet’ solutions

    to awesome bespoke tools. MODERN HUMAN @modhuman @pauljervisheath
  4. MODERN HUMAN @modhuman @pauljervisheath – Leo McGinneva, about whom the

    internet knows almost nothing. People don’t want to buy a ¼ inch drill. They want a ¼ inch hole.
  5. The answer lies in here somewhere. What do your colleagues

    do all day? MODERN HUMAN @modhuman @pauljervisheath
  6. WORKAROUNDS Quick, seemingly efficient solutions that address the symptoms of

    a problem not the root cause. What are we looking for? VALUES People’s values play an important role in their motivations. What do they value? What’s important to them? What’s not? INERTIA Situations in which customers act out of habit. How can you leverage or break that inertia? SHOULD VS WANT People struggle with the tension between things they crave in the moment and things they know are good for them in the long term. How can you help people move from where they are to where they want to be? MODERN HUMAN @modhuman @pauljervisheath
  7. MODERN HUMAN @modhuman @pauljervisheath What are the high-level jobs-to-be-done? What

    are the current approaches and what pain points result? What benchmarks exist in the full range of alternative solutions and analogies? 5 questions for applying the Jobs To Be Done framework
  8. MODERN HUMAN @modhuman @pauljervisheath What prevents new solutions from being

    adopted? What value would success create for users and the business? 5 questions for applying the Jobs To Be Done framework
  9. MODERN HUMAN @modhuman @pauljervisheath MODERN HUMAN @modhuman @pauljervisheath Intranet innovation

    for increased knowledge sharing and closer global collaboration MODERN HUMAN @modhuman @pauljervisheath
  10. MODERN HUMAN @modhuman @pauljervisheath MODERN HUMAN @modhuman @pauljervisheath Who’s place

    is it anyway? Digital workplaces where employees feel welcome
  11. MODERN HUMAN @modhuman @pauljervisheath Digital workplace happened, we’re over it

    From portals to awesome tools Your users are close at hand so design research using ethnographic techniques is realistic In summary
  12. MODERN HUMAN @modhuman @pauljervisheath The Jobs To Be Framework provides

    a way of framing user needs Internal ecosystems of the best tools for the job The right balance of consistency and customisation In summary
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