Interop Summit 2018 Belgium - Open Transport Data

Interop Summit 2018 Belgium - Open Transport Data

In order to create a Belgian route planner, we need to combine an incredible amount of datasets published by an incredible amount of organizations. In Belgium and Flanders, I believe it’s a strength that we have a strong sense of decentralization: different problems are tackled by different organizations. Therefore, we must also see the challenge of creating a route planner as a decentralization task: how can we query over different open datasets published by different actors? This is the research I have been doing the last 5 years, after having met these problems as part at iRail ( for every new route planner, more than 80% of the time is put in expensive data integration due to bad publishing. Today, I want to start tackling by starting the development of an Open Source Route Planner which automates transport data integration on top of better published data. Let’s work together towards better interoperability.


Pieter Colpaert

February 21, 2018