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Easy Ways to Add in the Every-Days

Easy Ways to Add in the Every-Days


Pilates Tonic

February 07, 2021


  1. Happy Hip Flexors™ Easy Ways to Add in the Every-Days

    Finding easy ways to thread the Every-Day exercises throughout your day is key to making sustainable, lasting change in your body, AND it doesn’t have to take up a lot of time. Below are suggestions for ways to ensure you get your Every-Days in...everyday: • Practice the Figure-4 Stretch in bed in the morning before getting up. • Also, before getting out of bed, stretch your legs out and flex your feet; reach arms overhead at the same time and take a long breath in and out. • Do the Calf Stretch while brushing your teeth in the morning and at night. • Do the top of the foot stretch, also while brushing your teeth. • Try Hip Glides at your kitchen counter. • Try Thoracic Stretch at your kitchen counter. • Do a standing Figure-4 Stretch at the kitchen counter, or holding onto a door frame. • Do the seated Figure-4 Stretch before getting up out of a chair • After lunch, do a Calf Stretch followed by a top of the foot stretch. • When you get up from the kitchen table, use the back of your chair for a round of Hip Glides; followed up with a Thoracic Stretch. • Mix all of these exercises in while watching T.V.! HHF MODULE 1 ​© PILATES TONIC AND HAPPY HIP FLEXORS, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED