WomenDroid Speak Up

4320dc54a63a2582f7962a85a493992c?s=47 Pooja Bhaumik
September 07, 2019

WomenDroid Speak Up

WomenDroid 004 Meetup, held on 7th September in Bangalore.

Speakers :

Guest Speaker - Garima Jain
Android Developer by profession, Garima started her speaking journey from Droidcon India in 2016, is now traveling around the world to speak at international conferences like DroidconNYC, Boston & Berlin.

In-house Mentor - Pooja Bhaumik
An engineer at Bounce, Pooja started speaking in college meetups & workshops, became a Google Developer Expert on Flutter before she could graduate college, and is now invited around the country to speak at meetups, workshops & conferences like GDG DevFests, Fragments Conference, & Droidcon India.


Pooja Bhaumik

September 07, 2019