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Building Crystal in Crystal

Building Crystal in Crystal

Crystal is a compiled ruby-like language and the compiler is written in Crystal itself. That means we can build crystal in crystal! The dream of rubinius come true! Explore a live session trying to implement a new feature in crystal!

This is an impromptu talk exploring what happens if you take a Ruby developer with slight crystal knowledge and let him do a live coding session implementing features in the crystal language itself. Exciting!

(impromptu talk as a talk had to be cancelled)

Tobias Pfeiffer

July 02, 2015

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  1. Hi

  2. Crystal • Compiled • (optionally) Statically type-checked • Method overloading

    • Speed • Ruby-like • http://crystal-lang.org/ • https://github.com/manastech/crystal
  3. Speaker Tip #8: If you do make do it in

    a domain where you are really comfortable