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Woman in the middle: the people aspects of product marketing

Woman in the middle: the people aspects of product marketing

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  1. Product marketing must seamlessly code-switch across multiple functions. 1 M

    arketing 2 Product & Engineering 3 Business 4 Custom er Voice Realm of Influence
  2. Product marketers’ roles can be painful if they’re not able—

    or empowered—to lead by influence. • Lack of communication • Cross-functional tension • Limited visibility • Disjointed positioning • Low-performing programs • Operational inefficiencies • Execution barriers
  3. High volume of false positives Slow, complex investigations Lack of

    visibility & context Reciprocity Informal threat sharing Repetition & analyst frustration Consistency Social Proof Liking Authority Scarcity Principles of Persuasion Source: icons8.com; Robert Cialdini, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion
  4. Product marketing must always communicate “WIIFM”. Individual Impact Marketing Impact

    Business Impact Be clear on the purpose of and need for the tactic or program, and continue to highlight successes. Don’t just align the individual with the outcome and impact on the business. Bring the individual’s perspective into the plan. Establish a reciprocal relationship in which influenced success is valuable to the individual.
  5. Either stick to a process or communicate deviations. Promote the

    process–until it is completely and consistently adopted. Set the example for timeliness and quality of execution. Quickly communicate changes or setbacks, including reasoning and impact. 1 2 3
  6. Maintain a strong, consistent reputation–whatever it may be. • Be

    purposeful in developing a reputation within the organization–and quickly! • Remember branding is both at the company and peer-to-peer level. Keep a consistent story throughout. • Recognize that your peers will rely on your brand image to determine interactions. CONSISTENCY CONSISTENCY CONSISTENCY CONSISTENCY CONSISTENCY CONSISTENCY CONSISTENCY
  7. Gain public buy-in by proving your ability to influence success

    and apply feedback. • Establish a reputation through quick, small wins. • Be clear, direct, and consultative. • Focus on proven results. • Openly recognize failures and experiments. • Invest in great ideas, not self-created ideas. • Show your ability to collaborate.
  8. Listen to your peers as much as you listen to

    your audience. Strategic Alliances Effort Put in the effort to build personal relationships that aren’t purely centered around commiserating about work. Strategic Alliances Feedback Prove your ability to actively listen to your peers. Strategic Alliances Alliances Build strong, strategic relationships and quickly shift your approach based on changes in the organization. Strategic Alliances Investment Recognize the difference between bi-directional and unidirectional relationships and invest accordingly.
  9. Develop authority that goes beyond years of experience or title.

    Prove your domain expertise and genuine interest in the specific market Gain executive sponsorship to reinforce your reputation Drive consistent results that are visible to your key stakeholders Establish yourself as an engaged thought leader in the industry
  10. Create motivation for engaging in a program or tactic. Highlight

    the individual value of the engagement, as well as the limited nature. Limited Thought Leaders Create purpose behind every deadline–especially internal. Purposeful Timelines Be specific by aligning motivational drivers to personal career goals, interests, and job success. Tailored Tactics High Engagement Source: icons8.com