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Foundation over features

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November 14, 2019

Foundation over features

How investing in our own component framework has helped us build Norway’s largest mobile bank.



November 14, 2019

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  1. Foundation over features How investing in our own component framework

    has helped us build Norway’s largest mobile bank.
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  3. Building a new mobile bank

  4. For 4 months the app was completely blank Investing time

    to build a foundation
  5. Theming Backend simulator Global model store Coordinators Deep linking Design

    system Skeleton views HTTP Client Repository Authentication library NSOperations abstractions Component framework
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  7. We needed a shared foundation

  8. One big UICollectionView Account list component Table component

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  13. The missing piece: Layouts

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  17. Composable collection view layout

  18. • Each component has its own layout • Custom collection

    view layout takes each component layout and converts it into one big UICollectionViewLayout. Composable collection view layout
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  22. Benefits • Reusable components allows us to share functionality throughout

    the app • Ability to compose bigger screens out of smaller components • Declarative layout system • Data-driven UIs are easy to unit-test • Animations are handled automatically • Allows us to transition to SwiftUI
  23. Transitioning to SwiftUI

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  29. Automatically dequeue cells based on layouts

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  31. Take-aways

  32. • Investing time in building a good foundation can really

    pay off in the long term • Owning the abstraction gives you a lot of freedom • Use frameworks for the hard problems
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