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Node School Night

April 02, 2014

Node School Night

ACS and NodeACS, presented at Node School Night


April 02, 2014

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  1. About  me  -­‐  @ricardoalcocer   ! Have  been  Titanium  since

     2009   ! Former  independent  Titanium  trainer  in   the  Caribbean  and  Latin  America   ! Obsessed  with  native  cross-­‐platform   development   !   Free  Software  and  Open  Source    advocate   ! Love  JavaScript  hacking  and  tech  startups  
  2. What  is  Appcelerator   !   Titanium,  JavaScript  framework  for

     cross-­‐platform   native  applications  development   !   ACS  –  Appcelerator  Cloud  Services   ! NodeACS  –  Node+MVC  Framework+Cloud  Hosting  
  3. ACS  :  Zoom-­‐in   !   Mobile  Back-­‐end  as  a

     Service  (MBaaS)   ! Robust  infrastructure   ! Secure  and  scalable  architecture   ! Integrated  with  Titanium  and  Node.ACS  
  4. Node.ACS  :  Zoom-­‐in   ! Develop  and  publish  node.js  apps

     to  the   Appcelerator  Cloud   !   Simple  CLI  interface  and  built-­‐in  webserver   ! Built-­‐in  ACS  support   ! Integrated  with  Titanium  Studio   ! It's  Javascript  but  for  the  server!  
  5. Install  Node.ACS   ! Node.ACS  runs  on  top  of  Node.js

      ! Titanium  Studio  installs  Node.js  and  NPM  by  default     [sudo]  npm  install  –g  acs  
  6. Forkeable  Examples   Lilacs:     https://github.com/ricardoalcocer/lilacs     Sample

     Website:   https://github.com/ricardoalcocer/ nodeacs_sample_website