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Managing Content Migration

Ron Bronson
November 08, 2017

Managing Content Migration

Confab Higher Ed - Indianapolis, IN

Ron Bronson

November 08, 2017

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  1. About Ron Bronson • City webmaster & service designer, Bloomington

    (IN) • Founder of Indiana Design Week & Lead of IxDA Indianapolis • Over a decade in .edu & government. • Finnish baseball fan, brunch enthusiast, Skeeball professional.
  2. The fallacy of good experiences: Notion that people like engaging

    with our content/platforms and thus we should keep doing things the way we’ve always done them.
  3. Web Governance is people being able to answer who can

    get things published on the institutional website.
  4. • Content inventory • Author Permissions Audit • Stakeholder Interviews

    • Taking stock of the information architecture • Eliminating Outdated Content Where Migration & Maintenance Intersect
  5. • Identifying the content • Audit • Inventory • Assigning

    responsibility • Measurement/analytics to determine relevance • (Keep/Cull/Rewrite) • What artifacts are we using? • How do we get non-technical stakeholders to care. What are you migrating for?
  6. • Lack of expertise devoted exclusively to content. • Too

    many moving parts. • People lacking the authority to engage the people necessary to move the project forward. The Challenges of Managing Content
  7. • Migrated only the top 500 pages (along with attachments)

    • Developed a separate system for Board/Commission/Agendas not housed in web CMS • Anyone w/ an account can edit pages • New pages controlled by IT department Moving Migration Forward
  8. • Assess what the most important pieces are • Don’t

    try to tackle everything at once • Recognize your constraints ◦ Institutional ◦ Internal ◦ Departmental • Understand what matters • Spare the details Moving Migration Forward