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Managing Content Migration & Maintenance

Managing Content Migration & Maintenance

University of Illinois Web Conference

Ron Bronson

April 06, 2017

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  1. • Content inventory • Author Permissions Audit • Stakeholder Interviews

    • Taking stock of the information architecture • Eliminating Outdated Content Where Migration & Maintenance Intersect
  2. • Lack of expertise devoted exclusively to content. • Too

    many moving parts. • People lacking the authority to engage the people necessary to move the project forward. The Challenges of Managing Content
  3. The fallacy of good experiences: Notion that people like engaging

    with our content/platforms and thus we should keep doing things the way we’ve always done them.
  4. • Assess what the most important pieces are. • Don’t

    try to tackle everything at once. • Recognize your constraints ◦ Institutional ◦ Internal ◦ Departmental • Understand what matters • Spare the details. Moving Migration Forward
  5. Web Governance is people being able to answer who can

    get things published on the institutional website.