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Content migration: Redesigns and beyond

Cf646ba7fe1adf2bd8d52907a3c506f2?s=47 Ron Bronson
September 12, 2017

Content migration: Redesigns and beyond

Confab Intensive (Denver, CO)


Ron Bronson

September 12, 2017

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  1. game of migration CONFAB INTENSIVE 2017 RON BRONSON

  2. • UX strategy, Service design & digital transformation • Current:

    UX/Front End, City of Bloomington (IN) • Organizer of Indiana Design Week, IXDA Indianapolis & Aggregate Conference (#GGRGT) • Previously: .edu Digital Director, Consultant, Content Manager. About Ron
  3. Migration Existing content stays as-is (mostly) moving to a new

  4. Conversion Content in one format, needs to be transferred to

    different format.
  5. Hamstrung by legacy Lack of buy-in Unbalanced skillsets on team

    Poor collaboration & communication Centralized & ambiguous accountability Common Migration Challenges
  6. Migration Dear Abby.

  7. None
  8. • 10-year old website • Close to 30,000 pages of

    unique content archived over decades. • About 65 content editors across city government. • No dedicated "content" team. • Three different alpha versions • Custom CMS to Drupal 7/8
  9. None
  10. Launched in June 2017

  11. None
  12. • Migrated only the top 500 pages (along with attachments)

    • Developed a separate system for Board/Commission/Agendas not housed in web CMS • Anyone w/ an account can edit pages • New pages controlled by IT department
  13. Non-traditional content management / governance scenarios

  14. None
  15. None
  16. The work of content migration is subjective & organizationally dependent.

  17. Devise tactics that enable the job to get done effectively,

    but pick your battles wisely.
  18. It's never "too soon" to consider your migration plan.

  19. Not every web project is idyllic. You might need to

    write the rules as you go (or invent new ones.)

  21. scenario timeline 3:00-3:30 Groups 3:30-4:00 Presentations 4:00-4:15 Content Dear Abby

  22. What are you migrating for? Identifying the content Audit Inventory

    Assigning responsibility Measurement/analytics to determine relevance (Keep/Cull/Rewrite) What artifacts are we using? How do we get non-technical stakeholders to care.
  23. PRESENT!

  24. ron@ronbronson.com @RONBRONSON ON TWITTER