The ROI of Content Strategy

The ROI of Content Strategy

This talk was a closing keynote reminder to content strategists interested in trying to convince senior leadership about investing more into content strategy.


Ron Bronson

June 10, 2016


  1. The ROI Of Content Strategy Collective Conference Atlanta Ron Bronson

  2. About Ron Play Cousins (Nordic Strategy Lab) Strategist at large.

    (Service design, digital, UX & product) Curator, Aggregate Conference (#GGRGT)
  3. “More people select products and services based on the total

    experience they have. To meet market expectations, it’s imperative to align around end-to-end experiences.” - James Kalbach (Mapping Experiences)
  4. None
  5. Where I work: The decision journey

  6. What does the price of soda have to do with

    content strategy?
  7. Junk food is cheaper than quality. Same with content.

  8. “Most organization’s websites aren’t focused on customer satisfaction and competitive

    advantage, but are bureaucratic dumping grounds.” -Arkadi Kulhmann
  9. How do I get people to care about content strategy?

  10. “When strategy works, we tend to remember what was accomplished,

    not the possibilities that were set aside.” - Richard Rumelt
  11. An example

  12. 192 Content Authors Over 52,000 pages 44 websites 1 team

    managing all these properties And no dedicated content strategist.
  13. Our solutions roadmap: • Executive sponsorship • Educate stakeholders •

    Dashboards (analytics, heatmapping, real- time) • Consider the depth of engagement • Loyalty > visits
  14. Consider content debt • content that was never created •

    content that’s out of date • content that’s duplicated elsewhere • content that lives in the wrong place • content that’s inconsistent (eg. doesn’t follow editorial and brand standards)
  15. “Clutter is what happens when we fill a page with

    things a user doesn’t care about” - Jared Spool
  16. Most content strategy problems are organizational design problems.

  17. None
  18. “There is a difference between HAVING a content strategy and

    DOING content strategy.” - Carrie Hane
  19. Your job isn’t to turn everyone in your company into

    a content strategist.
  20. Victor Papanek,“Design for the real world”

  21. Tusen Takk. @ronbronson