BASTA 2016: Surviving C# Code Reviews

21fa1f272e4c7ae132e8d7f6397e87d4?s=47 Rainer Stropek
September 25, 2016

BASTA 2016: Surviving C# Code Reviews

It often happens that organizations hire external consultants to review the architecture and code quality of C# and .NET projects. As a consultant, Rainer Stropek does such projects regularly all across Europe. In this session, Rainer shares his process, tools and checklists for review projects. Additionally, he describes how he sets up teams and tools so that they shine in reviews. If you do internal or external reviews or you are faced with reviews yourself, this is the right session for you. You will get lots of tips, tools, links and checklists out of this Rainer's session.


Rainer Stropek

September 25, 2016