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Refactoring Ruby Edition in-house reading

Refactoring Ruby Edition in-house reading

Why I began?
How was it?


KUROKI Shinsuke

December 08, 2012

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  1. Refactoring Ruby Edition in-house reading KUROKI Shinsuke Aiming Inc.

  2. About me • Online game developer • Uses Rails and

    Backbone.js • Often attends Shinjuku.rb
  3. Contents • Why I began the reading • How was

  4. Why I began the reading

  5. 4 years ago

  6. New project

  7. My first python, my first xUnit

  8. My code smelled

  9. My boss told me, "Let's read ..."

  10. "Refactoring"

  11. I knew what "code smell" is

  12. Our project went on

  13. My code was reviewed, using word in the book

  14. I truly knew what "code smell" is and "code visibility"

  15. 1 year ago

  16. New project

  17. My n-th Rails

  18. Project had already begun I began to review our code

    to know it
  19. Our code smelled

  20. "How should we do?"

  21. "Eureka!"

  22. "Now is the time!"

  23. I told my teammates, "Let's read ..."

  24. "Refactoring Ruby Edition"

  25. I began to share them what "code smell" is

  26. How was it

  27. Rubyish refactoring • Replace Loop with Collection Closure Method •

    Replace method_missing to Dynamic method Definition • Replace Type Code with Module Extension • etc
  28. Every Thursday 19:00-20:00(after closing time), about half year

  29. I reviewed our code, using word in the book

  30. We discussed on the reading, based on experience in our

  31. Gave positive feedback to each other, project work <=> reading

  32. Was I able to share what "code smell" is? (I

    think a little)
  33. Thanks! We're hiring! http://aiming-inc.com/