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SmartNews Candidate Deck

SmartNews Candidate Deck

SmartNews is a leading news and information app committed to providing our users with accurate, timely information and supporting quality journalism in an age of misinformation, filter bubbles, and fake news.

We combine the power of our unique machine learning technology with the expertise of our editorial team to bring news that matters to millions of users from our over 3,000 global publishing partners.

Founded in 2012 in Tokyo, Japan, SmartNews has offices in Tokyo, San Francisco, Palo Alto, New York, Shanghai, and Beijing.

If you want to shape the future of news media and pop a filter bubble or two, then we’d love to hear from you. Check our careers.smartnews.com for information about open positions.



May 25, 2022

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  1. C A N D I D AT E I N

    F O R M AT I O N D E C K
  2. SmartNews is delivering quality information to the people who need

    it. Genuine, quality news delivery is one of the most important and difficult problems facing mankind—one not even the world’s biggest platforms have solved. Our world-class machine learning and data science teams develop solutions for diversification, political balance, fake news, clickbait detection, and other measures for quality. We crawl, analyze, and categorize millions of articles from our 3,000+ global publishing partners in near real-time to bring news that matters to millions of users. W H O W E A R E
  3. Message from Co-Founder, COO, and Chief Engineer Kaisei Hamamoto Our

    company mission is to deliver quality information from around the world to the people who need it. The definition of quality information can be argued from different perspectives. For example, we believe that quality information should be unbiased and trustworthy. In addition, we think we need to pay attention to the quality not only of each piece of information but also how we package that information into a well-designed product, providing a "balanced diet" of news that people want to know and news they should know. We are committed to accomplishing this mission, and we sincerely welcome you to be a part of our journey. W H O W E A R E

  5. W H O W E A R E For the

    Common Good Be a valuable contributor to society. Make a direct commitment to build a better world and help the content ecosystem thrive. Have Appreciation Know what is essential. Understand the diverse perspectives of our users and partners. Be the Owner Take ownership. Act responsibly and influence others as we work to accomplish our mission. Our Core Values
  6. History of SmartNews 2012 SmartNews Inc. is established and the

    SmartNews app launches in Japan. 2013 SmartNews, Inc. raises 420 million yen. 2014 SmartNews, Inc raises 3.6 billion yen in fundraising. SmartNews, Inc. is established in the US and the SmartNews app is launched in the US. 2015 SmartNews, Inc. raises 1.2 billion yen in fundraising. The SmartNews app becomes available in over 150 countries. 2016 SmartNews, Inc. raises 3.8 billion yen in fundraising. 2017 The SmartNews app surpasses 25 million downloads worldwide. 2019 SmartNews surpasses 50 million downloads worldwide and achieves unicorn status with a corporate valuation of over 1 billion USD. 2020 Major update launch with multiple new features for the app, including the Coronavirus Information Map. 2021 SmartNews, Inc., raises 25.1 billion yen.
  7. Our Offices

  8. TOKYO

  9. SAN



  12. Our Product

  13. One Product One Team

  14. Our “One Product, One Team” Philosophy Our product development structure

    is based on our philosophy of “One Product, One Team.” We work together every day as one cross-functional team, bridging language and time zone differences and utilizing a shared codebase to build a product that best serves the diverse needs of our more than 50 million users worldwide. O U R P R O D U C T
  15. Building an app with the common good in mind O

    U R P R O D U C T People today expect companies to be socially responsible. But for many companies, commitment to the well- being of society is secondary—or even antithetical—to their core business. At SmartNews, we focus on developing features that have significant and direct impact on the lives of our users. We call this concept Product Social Responsibility (PSR). This enables us to have a positive impact on society through our core business operations. Our key PSR focus is the development of software products that democratize access to quality information that contributes directly to the common good. There are many challenges left ahead of us in this age of fake news, media polarization, and filter bubbles, but we are excited for the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution towards the solution as we continue to innovate.
  16. Disaster Info Hub Feature O U R P R O

    D U C T We take our commitment to delivering timely and accurate information to our millions of users very seriously, especially when it comes to information about ongoing natural disasters and severe weather events. For this reason, SmartNews has a development team dedicated to Health & Safety. SmartNews launched its Disaster Hub feature in September 2021 to provide detailed information aggregation and resources for hurricanes and wildfires. During the development of this feature, we were conscious of communicating data in real-time and in an easy-to-understand format so that users could make informed decisions about their safety and well-being.
  17. Coronavirus Real-Time Updates O U R P R O D

    U C T The series of coronavirus-related features was born from the desire to share real-time, accurate information about an uncertain and ongoing public health situation. The features released reflected the changing information needs of the public. For example, SmartNews launched a coronavirus vaccine tracking service for both Japan and the United States once vaccines became available as part of the larger Coronavirus Real-Time Updates dashboard, which provided real-time data for users about the number of COVID-19 cases, tests, and deaths. These updates to our features provide users with a full spectrum of information about the pandemic.
  18. News From All Sides O U R P R O

    D U C T SmartNews created News From All Sides for users in the US who wanted to explore perspectives on news events they might not typically encounter due to the phenomena of filter bubbles. Using a slider at the bottom of the screen, users can compare articles about a specific news event ranging from most liberal to most conservative. SmartNews hopes that the feature will provide more transparency about the effect of news algorithms and their impact on exacerbating political polarization.
  19. Our Business Model

  20. Supporting the ecosystem of media consumers and publishers O U

    R B U S I N E S S M O D E L Quality information begins with quality journalism. But in a time when physical newspapers are in decline, newsrooms are forced to cut staff, and even large media companies are announcing operating loses, the ability of news outlets to produce content of integrity is increasingly constrained. In response, SmartNews implemented the Media Prosper Program for our media partners in Japan. In this program, SmartNews pays a portion of the revenue generated from native ads sold by SmartNews and published on our SmartView and ChannelView features. With this program, we hope to support the “media ecosystem” that provides readers with access to valuable, accurate information and publishers with the revenue necessary for them to continue generating quality content.
  21. O U R B U S I N E S

    S M O D E L Media Prosper Program Ad Revenue Increased brand recognition Articles Quality content Increased article views Media Outlets Users
  22. SmartNews, Inc Address 6-25-16 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001 Website https://careers.smartnews.com/