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Emulating Amazon GO

December 02, 2019

Emulating Amazon GO

This is slide that I talked at APN Ambassador meetup 2019 on Dec 2 2019.


December 02, 2019

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  1. Emulating Amazon GO APN AMBASSADOR RE:INVENT 2019 MEET-UP Classmethod, Inc.

    Director / AWS Business Unit General Manager Daisuke Sasaki
  2. 2 About Myself Daisuke Sasaki •Classmethod, Inc. • Executive Director

    • AWS Business Unit General Manager •Japanese •Six-time participant of re:Invent •Favorite AWS service: Amazon Macie
  3. 3 Company Profile Established CEO Headquarters Annual Revenue Business Associated

    Companies 2004 Satoshi Yokota 1-11 Kandasakuma-cho Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0025 100 million yen (approx. 0.9 million USD) Consulting, design, construction and operation on AWS Cloud Consulting, design, construction and operation of big data analysis infrastructure Planning, designing, developing and operating mobile applications Planning and development of the “Customer Story” marketing platform for realizing the Omni- Channel strategy Annotation Co, ltd., Underscore Co, ltd., Prismatics Co, ltd. Classmethod is a Premier Consulting Partner of Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  4. 6 Our Tech Blog, Developers.IO 6 • http://dev.classmethod.jp/ 6 •

    Our company blog is technology-focused and written by our employees. The blog gets 2.2 million page views per month with 0.7 million unique users. • Blogs are based on AWS, Big Data, Mobile and IoT etc. Employees are free to blog about anything beneficial, including internal matters. As of Feb. 2019, there are over 15,000 blog entries. 50% of these entries are AWS-related articles. Based on not just a speculation or theory, but on an actual test and result, articles on "I tried XX" are published. To list daily articles, RSS is available: https://feed.classmethod.jp/blog/daily.rss
  5. 9 At the beginning… In May 2018, we flew from

    Japan to Seattle to see the actual store of Amazon Go. • In cooperation with AWS Japan, we visited the store with over 20 clients and employees. • Our CEO, Satoshi led the tour.
  6. 19 Technologies • Multi-person tracking, using Amazon Rekognition Video •

    Image classification, using Amazon SageMaker • Sensor device monitoring, using AWS IoT • Human detection and tracking, using 3D LiDOR TOF Sensor • Weight change detection, using Load cell
  7. Although it is quite small, here, you can have the

    same exact experience as walking into Amazon Go. 27
  8. 30