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Docker, From utopia to reality

October 20, 2016

Docker, From utopia to reality

Feedback on the use of Docker at scale. What does it mean to start/stop large amount of containers, what you should take care of.


October 20, 2016

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  1. Upgrading Docker (since 1.12.x) RESTART with containers: OK With a

    lots of buts... $ docker daemon --live-restore
  2. Ulimits Common to ALL containers $ docker run --user john

    --ulimit nproc:1024 error: resource temporarily unavailable Solution: 1 user/container or user namespace
  3. Disk quotas What’s your FS backend? $ docker daemon --storage-opt

    dm.basesize=1G $ docker daemon --storage-opt btrfs.min_size=1G ... $ docker run --storage-opt size=2G Different flags/rules