The Hidden Plot Device

F7da6cd8b30e99bf6316b7e3b2ec6cf3?s=47 Steph Troeth
November 11, 2015

The Hidden Plot Device

“Storytelling" appears to be a magic word when it comes to creating user experience—we use it to evoke design ideals, to summon the creative spirit, or to cry out for a narrative link across the complex world of devices and short attention span. But is this all there is?

Unconvinced that storytelling could be so superficial, I spent a few years learning from the art of making documentaries, crime fiction, novels and the shortest of stories. As I uncovered the parallels in the making of stories and the research/design processes of UX, I began to formulate a framework where these two worlds meet, unearthing a different angle on what do in order to take our skills to greater heights.

In this talk, I showed how understanding the essence and practice of story opens a world of possibilities and adds another dimension to your UX toolset. Better still, it’s less of a mystery than what you might think.


Steph Troeth

November 11, 2015