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Know Your Camera

Know Your Camera

This is a talk I put together in one evening ahead of a fun semi-monthly event we have at the office.

Pete Karl II

October 02, 2015

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  1. the area of the aperture about doubles each half step

    of the aperture diameter F-STOP don’t bother processing this
  2. f-stops are ratios that tell you how much light you’re

    letting into the camera. F-STOP okay, now process
  3. 1/4 1/8 1/15 1/30 1/60 1/125 1/250 1/320 1/500 1/1000

    1/2000 (shutter speed in seconds) aperture: f/4.5
  4. carry your camera turn off your flash do interesting things

    find a subject and work it (don’t center anything, no matter how tempting)
  5. “MAY I TAKE YOUR PHOTO?”   (take away the anxiety

    by asking. offer to email a copy)