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Future CSS in Web Components

Peter Gasston
September 13, 2013

Future CSS in Web Components

An introduction to Web Components and related changes to CSS. Given at CSSConf.eu on 13th September 2013

Peter Gasston

September 13, 2013

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  1. The problem <div class="foo"> … </div> div.foo { color: #f00;

    } <div class="foo"> … </div> .foo { color: #00f; }
  2. <p>Hello</p> <div> <style scoped> p { color: #f00; } </style>

    <p>World!</p> </div> <p>Again</p> Scoped styles
  3. The part attribute var newRoot = el.createShadowRoot(), newEl = '<h2

    part="apes">…</h2>'; newRoot.appendChild(newEl);