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Planning of recruiting using game play(Factorio).

C1faf56a18cb23c3661bcb1197ebd862?s=47 Taruhachi
November 12, 2018

Planning of recruiting using game play(Factorio).

I am interested in Factorio , so I made this paper and proposed it to the company.

I think that the company that makes this planning coming true is somewhat crazy.

You can get Factorio license by requesting friend of Steam whether or not you are going to proceed to actual entry for recruiting.

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November 12, 2018

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  1. Planning of recruiting using game play. (to Human Resources Department

    ) Taru8@Technorogy Promotion Committee Yumemi Inc
  2. What is the Recruiting using game play? It is A

    system for students wish to become engineer play PC game (Factorio), being seen his/her playing status, and replacing to source code review of program.
  3. About Factorio?  The game has received overwhelming reputation especially

    in the field of some engineers  Many reviewers said, it is time thief.  About $30- at STEAM
  4. About Factorio? In other words, It is a game able

    to design by yourself Design!! (= plan, layout) Factorio is a game about building and creating automated factories to produce items of increasing complexity, within an infinite 2D world. Use your imagination to design your factory, combine simple elements into ingenious structures, and finally protect it from the creatures who don't really like you.
  5. Yumemi's traditional recruitment flow for new graduates Entry Primary interview

    Source code review Second interview by engineers Final interview Joining the company! If your source code is on public in Github, The code is going to be subjected to evaluation. If you write and submit fixing code to solve specific problem that our team designated, it is going to be subjected to evaluation. If you are new graduate or someone who has no programming experience, you may not able to write good code. In that case, we will see your potential.
  6. By the way, Can we determine the potential by looking

    at the source code of the inexperienced applicant?  It is hard to estimate how much the code is good except for being written clearly.  The code written clearly is written by someone who has experience in this field in general.  Someone who does not have field experience writes unstable code. That’s a given.  It seems impossible to estimate someone’s potential because it is hard to know for us to know how much the applicant has experience until now.
  7. But, when you look at Factorio's playstyle, you immediately know

    the potential as an engineer . Level 1. You've got bored soon and quit immediately Level 2. You've producing it manually and cannot proceed automation. Level 3. You've developed semi- automation of the system intervened by hand sometimes. Level 4. You've developed automation and create complex products combining system colleagues. Level 5. Even if player abandon for a while, the system you've developed will not cause clogged resources shortage Level 6. You are focusing on optimization for mass production Level 7. You are focusing on aesthetic beauty of the system with producing mass production and being optimized You may be suited to other works have an engineer's aptitude You have high potential to become engineer #note: It is personal impression.
  8. Gameplay recruitment flow Add Yumemi Account to Steam Friend Get

    the game with Steam gift Entry with game play status Reviewed by engineers First interview Second interview by engineers Final interview Joining the company! LGTM !! The game has progressed well, so I will entry.
  9. Overview  For those who are contacted to enter in

    the Factorio frame, We will send Factorio license of steam  No need to return the license even if you do not entry  Use the map code created by yumemi.  It is OK to browse game strategy sites  You can decide play time by yourself  It is not necessary to clear the game  After getting played for a certain period of time, send us following information.  Play time  Several screen captures  Game reviews  Description of your play style  Comment on this challenge  etc ...  Even with mid-career recruitment, if you have play information of Factorio as well as evaluation of source code it will be evaluated!
  10. Become an issue and got more entries! Everyone is happy!!

    Get a game for free I can imagine the engineer of Yumemi wants I can judge suitability by myself Game is my field It is guaranteed to have an engineer temperament He has ability to create beautiful design.
  11. How to entry 1 We will use the map created

    with the following contents to play. Abundant resources Peaceful mode (fewer attacks from enemy characters) Map code >>>eNpjYBBgMGZgYGBk5mFJzk/MYWZh5krOLyhILdLNL0plYmHhTC4q TUnVzc8ESrGwpaQWpxaVMDMzs6Rkgmmu1LzU3ErdpMTiVCCPNb0osbg YyODILMrPg5rAUpyYlwKSLC7Jz0sFWsBaUpSaWszEzMxdWpSYl1maC1 IINJ2BkcNxg3NDixwDCP+vZzD4/x+EgawLQCeCMBAwMzACBWCANTknM y2NgUHBEYidGBkZq0XWuT+smmLPCJHXc4AyPkBFInZDRR60QhkRq6GM jsNQhsN8GKMexuh3YDQGg8/2CAbErhKgyVBLOBwQDIhkC0iSkbH37dY F348dsGP8s/LjJd+kBHvGTNlQX4HS93ZAaXZQ+DPBiVkzQWAnzAcMMD Mf2EOlbtoznj0DAm/sGVlBOkRAhIMFkDjgDQweAT4ga0EPkFCQYYA5z Q5mjIgDYxoYfIP55DGMcdke3R8qDow2IMPlQMQJEAG2EO4yRigz0gEi IYmQBWo1YkC2PgXhuZMwGw8jWY3mBhWYG0wcsHgBTUQFKeC5QPakwIk XzHBHAEPwAjuMB4xbZgYE+GDPEPqlGgB/9pHk<<<
  12. How to play 2 Main menu -> Play -> New

    Game -> Enter Map Code -> Decision -> Play
  13. Finally this selection method was adopted on November 7, 2018!

  14. Since actual application guidelines may be different from this presentation

    material, please check the hiring page for details. https://www.yumemi.co.jp/ja/news /2018/181107_recruit03game
  15. Even if you just play, we are waiting for your

  16. Notice  This announcement is not for recruiting for company

    making The Factorio.  All rights of game, trademarks and images reserved by Wube Software. The resources are permitted by Wube Software to use for this activity of YUMEMI Inc.  YUMEMI Inc is not an official partner of Wube Software.