The Birth of DevOps

The Birth of DevOps

From 2½ Days to 2½ Seconds - the Birth of DevOps

This is an experience report from the mid-2000s, where a fifty-person programme team was being held up by test environments that took an average of 2½ days to prepare. By developing strategies like Blue/Green Deployments, the Single Deployable Artifact, Container Templates, the Build Production Line and many of the other principles that led to Continuous Delivery, we brought this down to only a few minutes, with a near-instantaneous cutover for the users. The legendary team included the likes of Julian "Build Doctor" Simpson, Chris Read, Sam Newman and both the authors of the Continuous Delivery book, only one of whom swore a lot. Dan North is not the father of DevOps but he may be its midwife. He definitely assisted at the birth.


Daniel Terhorst-North

June 19, 2014