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Creative Layers within 9-1-1 GIS Routing

Creative Layers within 9-1-1 GIS Routing

Presented by:
Anthony Haddad - Intrado, Inc.

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  1. Intrado Overview Lisle, Illinois Austin, Texas Montreal, Quebec Longmont, Colorado

    (Headquarters) Mobile, Alabama Garden Grove, California
  2. Foundation Elements Establish i3 core functions while managing transitional elements

    Interoperate with changing Telecommunications Industry (LVF, E-CSCF, IMS, NNI, IETF, Internet) i3 NENA vision end-state fully realized Advanced Applications and Data Services Additional Requests for Assistance Types Migration Steps to NG9-1-1 Many paths and steps to the long term NG9-1-1 vision Establish Core ESINet Infrastructure (IP Network and Softswitch) IP PSAP Carrier’s establish LIS and deliver a routable PIDF-LO with call setup i3 vision issue resolutions Today Months Years Several Years GIS Data Preparation (Location Validation, Routing, Service Identification) Evolution of the overall environment(s) (Roles, Regulations, Tariffs, Funding, Incumbents, FCC, State…)
  3. • Duplication of Effort • Personnel – Staffing level •

    Technical challenges – cross training • Lack of awareness of existing data • Limited Funding Challenges
  4. Agenda • What is GIS? • GIS and Public Safety

    Today • NG9-1-1 • GIS Requirements and Goals • Future Capabilities • Getting the Best Return on Your Investment
  5. 9-1-1 GIS Today PSAP Mapping CAD ENS Mobile MSAG ALI

    VOIP Wireless TELCO Wireless Provider VOIP Provider DB Provider Roads Address Points PSAP Boundaries Law/Fire/EMS Boundaries ESN/ESZ Community Boundaries Cell Sites And Sectors National State Regional Local Local Aerial Photography
  6. • Conversion •Track Changes • Coalescing • QA/QC • Reporting

    • Standardization GIS in NextGen 9-1-1 Local GIS - 911 - Addressing Government - National - State - County - City - Tribal Private - Providers - 3rd Party - Commercial Map CAD MCT ENS NextGen 9-1-1 GIS GIS Data Sources 911 GIS Data Management (SIF) - QA/QC - Discrepancies - Change Requests ECRF LVF Copyright Intrado, Inc. 2014 – All rights reserved GIS
  7. NextGen 9-1-1 empowers Public Safety teams and individuals Dedicated Public

    Safety Grade IP Network (ESInet) Delivers Calls, Data and Advanced Services Based on Caller’s Location Integrated Operating Environment
  8. Cooperating Networks, Services and Information Copyright Intrado, Inc. 2014 –

    All rights reserved The Right Data to the Right Person at the Right Time