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The State of the League (2017)

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August 05, 2017

The State of the League (2017)

These are the slides from my annual MLH State of the Union address in 2017. As a B Corp, we publish an annual report each year that highlights all the work we've done toward our mission of empowering hackers.

This presentation was delivered at our annual user conference, Hackcon.



August 05, 2017


  1. None
  2. The official student hackathon league.

  3. This has been a HUGE year for student hackers. This

    has been a HUGE year for student hackers.
  4. Hey! I’m Swift. I tweet from @SwiftAlphaOne. I email from

  5. 2017 Hackathon Season Fall 2016 & Spring 2017

  6. Hackathons 238

  7. of all MLH powered hackathons happened in 2016 alone. 50%

  8. 15 Hackathons Served Simultaneously.

  9. Organizers Strong. 2,000

  10. Miles Flown by MLH Staff 504,532

  11. 9,480 Hours Serving Hackers

  12. 10,000 Hardware Devices Checked Out

  13. 750+ Mini-Events Organized

  14. Cups Stacked by Hackers 188,000

  15. 244,653 Hacker-Pride Stickers

  16. 24,000 T-Shirts

  17. Freebies for Hackers $7,988,708

  18. We did all that for one reason…

  19. Major League Hacking’s mission is to empower hackers.

  20. Our mission is so integral to who we are, we

    made it official. That’s why we became a Certified B Corporation in 2016.
  21. Hackers Served 65,000

  22. Why do hackers attend? Besides the swag…

  23. The 3 main reasons hackers attend: Learning, Networking, & Fun.

  24. I am gaining skills at hackathons that I am not

    getting in the classroom. “ ” Source: MLH Attendee Survey, June 2017 88% of Students agree…
  25. of MLH hackers got a job directly from the skills

    they learned. 41% Sources: MLH Attendee Survey (2017)
  26. of hackers got a job at a company they met

    at an MLH hackathon. 33% Sources: MLH Attendee Survey (2017)
  27. Hackers say MLH hackathons are the best hackathons in the

  28. Our mission is your mission.

  29. This has been a HUGE year for student hackers.

  30. Stories of Hackers (& other superheroes!)

  31. Meet Swift.

  32. I wanted to be a lawyer.

  33. This is me at my 1st hackathon in 2010.

  34. My story is not unique. This community is changing lives

    every single day.
  35. of hackers register & don’t attend due to a misconception.

    32% Sources: MLH Attendee Survey (2017)
  36. 50% First Time Hackers

  37. 50,000 people wondered “What is a Hackathon?”

  38. More content to help you introduce newbie to the community

    is coming! #1
  39. We are scaling our support.

  40. We’re rolling out Team Formation Workshops as a formal benefit.

  41. We’re training MLH representatives to be even better mentors. #3

  42. Meet Ike Orizu.

  43. Ike found a community that was as passionate about technology

    as he was.
  44. Ike’s classmates weren’t interested in hacking. They lacked confidence in

    their technical skills.
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  48. Andy took Ike & his team under his wing.

  49. HackHouston became an official MLH Member Event.

  50. GitHub Grants Awarded $90,000

  51. Ike drove from Houston to San Francisco.

  52. Ike’s perseverance & passion paid off. The hackathon was a

    HUGE success.
  53. Ike was worried that the excitement would fizzle out.

  54. Ike knew he needed to get the CS club meeting

    more regularly. He had to create content himself or find it.
  55. Think about hackers, not content. https://localhost.mlh.io/

  56. None
  57. The Texas Southern Computing Society is alive & well today.

    Next semester, they aim to run a workshop every single week.
  58. We’re launching 12 weeks of Localhost curriculum this Fall. #1

  59. “Building Your First Website” is coming to MLH Localhost this

    Fall. #2
  60. MLH Localhost is for everyone.

  61. We’re launching priority access to MLH Localhost as a League

    benefit. #3
  62. You don’t stop being a leader when the hackathon ends.

  63. Meet Sharon Lin.

  64. Sharon didn’t really know what hackathons were about.

  65. Sharon felt intimidated. Her team didn’t want to demo because

    they felt it was too buggy.
  66. A wild mentor appears! Sharon’s team ended up winning an

    award for the “Best High School” Hack
  67. Sharon was hooked on hackathons.

  68. Sharon went to 12 hackathons that year.

  69. Sharon’s administrators didn’t understand the value of hackathons. She reached

    out to MLH for support.
  70. Over 150 hackers attended Sharon’s Local Hack Day.

  71. Stuyhacks was a big success.

  72. “MLH Coaches are hackathon superheroes, without the capes, masks, &

  73. Today, Sharon is a rising star in the MLH Coaches

  74. Sharon found ways to keep supporting her community year-round. She’s

    off to MIT to help empower hackers there.
  75. MLH supports leaders throughout their career.

  76. Simultaneous Local Hack Days hosted around the world. 160+

  77. Local Hack Day will be back for the 2018 Season

    & bigger than ever! #1
  78. December 2nd, 2017 https://localhackday.mlh.io/

  79. The main reason hackers & organizers can’t participate is scheduling.

  80. MLH Localhost: Hackday will make LHD available year-round. #2

  81. What should you do now? Here are the 3 things

    I think we should focus on in the coming year.
  82. Never forget why we do what we do. We empower

    hackers. #1
  83. #2 We are stronger together than we could ever be

    as individuals.
  84. Being a leader doesn’t end when the hackathon does. Keep

    going! #3
  85. Got Questions? I’ve got answers!

  86. Happy Hacking! I tweet from @SwiftAlphaOne. I email from swift@mlh.io.