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antitrust uses and misuses (in the age of Big Data)

antitrust uses and misuses (in the age of Big Data)

Talk I gave at the conference "Designing antitrust for the digital era" (Brasília, Brazil). TL;DR: antitrust agencies shouldn't go around imposing fines and breaking up companies just because "network effects" or "data as an essential facility". Public policy must be evidence-based. And the evidence suggests that network effects and access to personal data are not preventing competition.


Thiago Marzagão

August 01, 2019


  1. antitrust uses and misuses (in the age of Big Data)

    Thiago Marzagão
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  4. really?

  5. 76% 54% Facebook Pinterest others 16% 33% 48% 60% 35%

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  7. • Facebook knows your likes, posts, comments, social graph, what

    you follow, what you mute/ block, location, device, OS • plus your data from WhatsApp and Instagram • Facebook has 2.3 billion users • people are not porting their FB data elsewhere
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  9. • Tinder knows what types of people you want to

    date • not the fluffy stuff you say you want (“kind”, “adventurous”), but the stuff you actually want • and how that varies across markets (US vs Europe, Millennials vs Generation Z, etc)
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  11. • Uber knows where you live and work, your favorite

    restaurants and bars, your daily schedule, your hobbies, how impatient you are
  12. monetizing data is harder than most people realize

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  17. be humble

  18. • CADE: 2 years to approve Microsoft/Skype deal • Zoom:

    4 months to go from 0 to 1M users
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  22. about • data scientist at the Observatory of Public Spending

    • Ohio State University Ph.D. • researcher ( • occasional professor of machine learning ( • amateur roboticist ( • @tmarzagao,