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Xanpan — a team centric agile method story

April 16, 2020

Xanpan — a team centric agile method story

It is an agile method created by Allan Kelly.
Talk given an Agile Luxembourg meetup event.


April 16, 2020

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  1. @yot88 Who am I yoan thirion software craftsman, agile &

    craft coach, team player https://yoan-thirion.com
  2. @yot88 What is xanpan? A process for agile teams Team

    at the heart Principles practices
  3. @yot88 PRINCIPLES Work in iterations Team-centric Work to improve Flow

    Quality is free (invest in quality) Visualize
  4. @yot88 Work in iterations 2 weeks iterations from mid-week to

    mid-week releasable product at the end of each iteration continuous integration -> continuous deployment Deadlines help to focus : limit wip
  5. @yot88 Planning -3 players Product Owner played by a product

    manager, or a BA The creators Software engineers, Testers, UX, UI,… The facilitator Dedicated or not Product ownership is considered a practice rather than a role.
  6. @yot88 Planning -artefacts vertical slices of business functionality from multiple

    projects or products Blue cards Tasks related to blue cards Bugs White cards Red cards Planning board Planning poker
  7. @yot88 Retrospective “Teams may also hold a retrospective as part

    of the iteration end routine, although not all teams hold retrospectives, and even those who do may not hold them at every iteration.” Formal or not (dialogue)
  8. @yot88 Work in routine Event Frequency Iteration Every 2 weeks

    –10 working days Stand-up meeting Everyday -Maximum 15 Minutes Iteration review meeting End of every iteration 20 minutes at end of Iteration Retrospective event End of every iteration Formal retrospective End of every iteration (new teams) (60-90 minutes) every second (mature teams) Informal retrospective Every second iteration (30mins) for mature teams Demo At least every iteration which does not release Release Minimum quarterly high-performing teams will release many times during Iteration Sanitize the board & count the points
  9. @yot88 Plan beyond the iteration The quarterly plan looks at

    most 12 weeks into the future Roadmap looks at the next quarter Iteration plan : output of the next two weeks More certainty Filled to approximately the capacity of each iteration : WIP limit for iterations
  10. @yot88 Plan beyond the iteration Quarter & Roadmap are only

    horizons planning != scheduling Plan = looking into the future to learn about what might happen : perhaps preparefor it with Design thinking for example
  11. @yot88 Goodhart ‘s law if a team tries to target

    a certain number of points, it will meet its goal, but may not do any more work. Such teams exhibit inflation in estimates : exactly as with financial inflation, the numbers are bigger but the value less.
  12. @yot88 Kanban-style flow Xanpanallows both planned and unplanned work Work

    can flow from iteration to iteration Blue cards must bring value (Small stories regularly don’t)
  13. Quality is free All successful software needs rework how easy

    is the rework? Low quality makes rework harder, and therefore slower. High quality makes rework easier, and therefore faster.
  14. Poor quality Rework destroys flow stories and tasks can’t truly

    be considered ‘done’ hidden work is flowing between iterations Metrics are destroyed Inordinate amounts of time prioritizing, reporting, doing rework instead of delivering value inordinate amounts of money on testing resources and cycles
  15. @yot88 Technical practices some of Test-Driven Development (Unit, ATDD) Refactoring

    Frequent builds Continuous Integration Source code control Code reviews Pair programming Static analysis Coding Standards
  16. @yot88 Just do it : action over words Keep or

    drop Identify a practice, tool, technique, whatever from somewhere else. Decide what it would mean to your team: what would you do differently? Set a time frame Make the change at the end of the period : check
  17. @yot88 “xanpan is the kind of stuff that should emerge

    from every agile teams when not constrained by some “agile” dogms.”
  18. What could you try to implement in the near days

    to solve the limitations you observed ?
  19. @yot88 thank you yoan thirion software craftsman, agile & craft

    coach, team player https://yoan-thirion.com