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A UX Quiz, v2

February 11, 2014

A UX Quiz, v2


February 11, 2014

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  1. r1.  The  News  Round   1   2   3

      4   5   r2.  User  Experience   1   2   3   4   5   A        B        C        D   A        B        C        D   A        B        C        D   A        B        C        D   A        B        C        D   Rounds  3,  4  &  7:  write  answers  on  handout.   r6.  QuotaFons   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   r5.  UX  &  Psychology   1   2   3   4   5   A        B        C        D   A        B        C        D   A        B        C        D   A        B        C        D   A        B        C        D   Team  name:  
  2. 2.  Which  European  company,   specializing  in  AI,  did  Google

      recently  acquire  –  represenFng  their   biggest  ever  single  acquisiFon  in   Europe?  
  3. 3.  How  did  Sky  Broadband  ruin  the   browsing  experience

     for  thousands   of  websites  in  late  January?  
  4. 4.  Who  was  the  first  celebrity  voice   to  be

     recorded  for  the  new   Wikipedia  Voice  Intro  Project   (WikiVIP)?  
  5. 5.  The  demise  of  which  popular   social  media  website

     was  predicted   by  Princeton  University  in  January?  
  6. 7.  Which  company  recently  blamed   the  birth  of  two

     premature  babies   for  making  reFrement  benefit  cuts?  
  7. 8.  Which  avian  flying  game  has   recently  been  removed

     from  app   stores  following  criFcism  from   players?  
  8. 1.  What  technique  involves  having  an  experienced   evaluator  apply

     a  set  of  guidelines  or  principles  in   examining  an  interface?   A.  Experience  Summary   B.  Usability  Test   C.  CogniFve  Walkthrough   D. HeurisFc  EvaluaFon   Thanks  to  Jeff  Sauro  @  Measuring  Usability  LLC  for  these  quesFons.  
  9. 2.  A  confidence  interval  tells  you:   A.  The  most

     plausible  range  for  the  populaFon   average   B.  The  range  of  all  values  you  can  expect  in  future   samples   C.  How  confident  you  can  be  in  your  results     D. The  probability  a  future  value  will  fall  within  a   certain  range   Thanks  to  Jeff  Sauro  @  Measuring  Usability  LLC  for  these  quesFons.  
  10. 3.  If  you  wanted  to  assess  the  navigaFon  of  a

      website,  which  technique  would  be  the  best   recommendaFon?:   A.  Moderated  Usability  Test     B.  Tree  Test     C.  HeurisFc  EvaluaFon   D. Unmoderated  Usability  Test   Thanks  to  Jeff  Sauro  @  Measuring  Usability  LLC  for  these  quesFons.  
  11. 4.  Which  of  the  following  metrics  provides  the  best  

    measure  of  efficiency?   A.  Task  CompleFon  Rates   B.  Task  Level  SaFsfacFon   C.  Task  Time     D.   Number  of  Clicks   Thanks  to  Jeff  Sauro  @  Measuring  Usability  LLC  for  these  quesFons.  
  12. 5.  The  evaluator  effect  can  best  be  described  as:  

    A.  The  effect  an  evaluator  has  on  a  parFcipant  in  a  usability   study     B.  The  tendency  for  different  evaluators  to  idenFfy   different  problems  when  tesFng  the  same  interface   C.  The  tendency  for  different  evaluators  to  idenFfy  the   same  problems  when  tesFng  the  same  interface     D. The  effect  on  the  usability  test  facilitator  when  being   observed  by  stakeholders   Thanks  to  Jeff  Sauro  @  Measuring  Usability  LLC  for  these  quesFons.  
  13. AJAX   AWS   CRAP   PEBCAK   RIA  

    SERP   TL;DR   TWAIN   URI   USB   UTSL   YUI    
  14. 1   2   3   4   5  

    6   7   8   9   10  
  15. 1.  What  is  the  name  of  the  psychologist   who

     published  “The  Magical  Number   Seven,  Plus  or  Minus  Two:  Some  Limits  on   Our  Capacity  for  Processing  InformaFon.”   A.  Patrick  Miller   B.  George  Miller   C.  Glen  Miller     D. Windy  Miller  
  16. 2.  People  look  to  others  for  guidance  on   what

     they  should  do,  especially  if  they  are   uncertain.  This  phenomenon  is  usually   referred  to  as:   A.  Copy-­‐carng   B.  Insecurity  complex   C.  Social  validaFon     D. Sheep  syndrome  
  17. 3.  When  you  watch  someone  do   something,  the  same

     parts  in  your  brain   light  up  as  though  you  were  doing  it   yourself.  These  parts  are  referred  to  as  the:   A.  Mirror  neurons   B.  Basal  ganglia   C.  Cerebellum     D. Amygdala  
  18. 4.  It  is  suggested  that  there  is  a  cogniFve  

    limit  to  the  number  of  people  with  whom   one  can  maintain  stable  social   relaFonships.  This  number  is  known  as:   A.  The  Euler  number   B.  Bernoulli's  equaFon   C.  Autler–Townes  effect   D. Dunbar’s  number  
  19. 5.  In  2011,  Nobel  prize  winner  Daniel   Kahneman  wrote

     a  book  that  is  proving  to   be  very  influenFal  in  behavourial   economics.  The  name  of  the  book  is:   A.  Choices,  values  and  frames   B.  Thinking,  Fast  and  Slow   C.  The  Invisible  Gorilla   D. Predictably  IrraFonal  
  20. Design  is  not  just  what  it   looks  like  and

     feels  like.   Design  is  how  it  works.  
  21. You  can  design  and  create,   and  build  the  most

      wonderful  place  in  the  world.   But  it  takes  people  to  make   the  dream  a  reality.  
  22. A  computer  once  beat  me  at   chess,  but  it

     was  no  match   for  me  at  kick  boxing.