Machine and Deep Learning with Spring Cloud Data Flow (Spring Meetup NL)

Machine and Deep Learning with Spring Cloud Data Flow (Spring Meetup NL)

Spring Meetup (NL):

The Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) have disturbed the software engineering field. Techniques such as computer vision and language processing, have brought unprecedented ability to the common software development practitioners. Furthermore, the Scientists and Software Engineers can use the ML / DL models, while the software developers can apply and use those pre-trained models in production.

You can significantly simplify the task of implementing and operating the ML / DL models. In this talk, Christian will demonstrate how to use pre-trained computer vision and twitter sentiment analysis TensorFlow models in regular Spring Cloud Streams pipelines.

Furthermore we will review several portable ML / DL formats, such as PMML, PFA, MLeap and Tensor Flow and Spring Cloud Data Flow.

Christian Tzolov is a Principal Software Engineer at Pivotal, where he works at the Spring Cloud Data Flow team. He is an Apache Committer and Apache Crunch PMC Member. Christian is an OSS lawyer, and interested in Integration and Interoperability architectures for Distributed and Data-Intensive systems.


Christian Tzolov

March 29, 2018