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Alex Crook - Reimagining ethnography during COVID with adults, kids and cars

March 18, 2021

Alex Crook - Reimagining ethnography during COVID with adults, kids and cars

Covid-19 has been the catalyst for reimagining the way the ABC conduct design research. What we’ve learnt along the way (from planning, to conducting and analysing) has become grounded in our practice. Come and learn about the impact this has had on our processes, products and audience experience.


March 18, 2021

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  1. How do we adapt to these changes? Discover Design Define

    Prototype & test Implement How will people feel being interviewed now? How do we create a space to observe and listen to people? What materials, tools, techniques will help elicit people’s thoughts, feelings & behaviours remotely? How do we share ideas and test with others? How do we learn, redefine, and adapt?
  2. Spot the observations Horizontal & vertical scrolling Thumbnail is king

    Recognition & familiarity Age- appropriate content Banana in Pajamas advert interaction Watching together Volume control Commentating *Participant names are changed for confidentiality purposes
  3. Homework tasks are a great way to gather insights from

    kids and parents before a session, especially a remote one
  4. • Be child-led • Adjust communication styles • Build rapport

    • Lean into current behaviour Our approach
  5. Impacts Promoting new shows with dynamic video previews Kid friendly

    iconography and interactive buttons Personalised reminders of new show arrivals Updated parental controls to manage reminders
  6. * hot tips * - ho me wor k a

    l l ow e d a r e al - l i f e s c en a r io - ma ke it fu n - a tim e th a t s u i t k i d di e s 
 - in th e co mf or t of th e i r ow n h o m e - Fa milia r te c h - ha ve b ac ku p p r op s Testing remotely with kids Photo by Marcos Paulo Prado, Caleb Woods, Arwan Sutanto, Sarah Louise Kinsella on Unsplash
  7. How do we research people in their cars listening to

    audio during covid? Photo by Jacob Lund on Noun Project Photo by Tobias Tullius on Unsplash
  8. Diary studies The longitudinal nature of diary studies revealed the

    influence that time, day and environment have on people’s listening behaviours and habits.
  9. Interviews “First question is often has it got Apple CarPlay?”

    - PJ, used car salesman “People used to just trust the dealership and would believe the salesman. But now you've got to sell them facts and if you don't tell the truth, you're quickly caught out.” - Russ, Toyota salesman “I will take them on a test drive and ask them 'what do you listen to?' It makes them feel like they are driving their own car.” - Hadi, Nissan salesman Car salespeople & follow-up interviews with the diary study participants
  10. The fragmented nature 
 of in-car listening People's in-car listening

    habits and behaviours are dynamic adapting to many factors, which all influence people’s audio experience.