UX14 - Design for 'simplexity' (Vinay Dixit)

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October 10, 2014

UX14 - Design for 'simplexity' (Vinay Dixit)

Simple design solutions delivery immensely great customer experiences of products and services and influence customer behavior positively. Designers require an approach and thinking in the design process that allows them to cut through the volume and complexity of features, controls and information that humans access on digital systems today – in-order to ensure that products are clearer and more relevant in addressing real user needs.

Key Questions Answered
What is ‘simplicity’ in design?
Why simplicity is difficult to achieve without thinking of complexity?
How designers can balance simplicity and complexity in design thinking?
What are the different trends in simplicity and complexity of design?
What are the different principles to achieve simplicity?



October 10, 2014