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UXINDIA 2015- Bring soul into your mobile experiences(Naveen Sethia) by uxindia

October 31, 2015

UXINDIA 2015- Bring soul into your mobile experiences(Naveen Sethia) by uxindia

Good design makes us feel. We know good design when we see it and we’ve all seen great design concept get whittled down and diluted through multiple review cycles and the development process. Companies who maintain the essence of what makes a concept great is hard and it requires dogged persistence and dedication to the design. It’s no secret among designers that if you create an experience that connects with users on an emotional level, you’ve succeeded.


October 31, 2015

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  1. None
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  3. Hello.

  4. @naveensethia

  5. cortana skype bing

  6. xploree

  7. 3 out of 5 people yell at their computers Yellers

  8. We all yell at our computers

  9. We all blame objects around us

  10. We project human emotion on everything, everywhere & all the

  11. Love Hate Expectations Disappointed Revenge

  12. Understanding the connection between emotion & action AND Applying that

    knowledge to make a human connection through design
  13. We want to design an emotional response that increases the

    likelihood a user will perform a desired behavior
  14. Why do we care about soul? Why design for emotion?

    How do we do this? Product case study
  15. Why design for emotion?

  16. Designing for usability isn’t good enough.

  17. If you make a usable interface, you’re doing well in

    our industry
  18. None
  19. 1. Emotion 2. Logic

  20. Functional Reliable Usable Functional Reliable Usable Functional Reliable Usable Pleasurabl

  21. Products with emotional connection feels magical & meaningful.

  22. Magic without meaning

  23. Meaning without magic

  24. Magical & meaningful

  25. How do we do this?


  27. None
  28. Make it human Keep it animal awesome scary

  29. Keep it animal

  30. 1. Attention is a scarce resource

  31. Skills Challeng e FLOW Anxiety Boredom

  32. Angry bird

  33. 2. We’re build for patterns

  34. HICKS LAW The time it takes to make a decision

    increases with the number of alternatives.
  35. CASH APP

  36. 3. Attractive things work better

  37. DON NORMAN “Attractive things make people feel good, which in

    turn makes them think more creatively. How does that make something easier to use? Simple, by making it easier for people to find solutions to the problems they encounter.”
  38. Rdio

  39. Keep it animal

  40. Make it human

  41. 1. Be fun 2. Be conversational 3. Be empathetic 4.

    Be myself 5. Be interesting 6. Be surprised 7. Be grateful 8. Be inspire 9. Be trust 10. Be respected
  42. 1. Be fun

  43. Cortana personality

  44. Polar

  45. Clear

  46. 2. Be conversational

  47. Cortana

  48. 3. Be empathetic

  49. Google Maps

  50. Zomato

  51. Google Now

  52. 4. Surprise

  53. A moment of surprise compresses emotion into a split second…

    … and makes our reaction more intense thereby creating a strong imprint in our memory
  54. Facebook / On this day

  55. Yahoo Digest

  56. Make it human Keep it animal

  57. Mobile is eating the world.

  58. None
  59. Mobile is fundamentally changing the need to think about design,

    the interaction, and the experience in a substantive way.
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  61. XPLOREE Provide what you need at exactly the right moment

    with- in your apps.
  62. EXPERIENCE Use Xploree keyboard on your favorite apps Presto brings

    discoveries as you type Experience the content on the presto cards
  63. Going out “Where do we go for _____?"

  64. Purchase “Are there any discount _____?"

  65. Next adventure “Where to go for long weekend?"

  66. New Movies “What is the next blockbuster?"

  67. Know the day “What are the trending news stories?"

  68. XPLOREE discovery platform www.xploree.com @XploreeMoments

  69. Thanks. @naveensethia @KeypointTech @XploreeMoments