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UXINDIA 2015- Design thinking in producing Digital Strategy (Jefferson Cornelius ) by uxindia

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October 29, 2015

UXINDIA 2015- Design thinking in producing Digital Strategy (Jefferson Cornelius ) by uxindia

Digital Strategy is an outcome of combining different disciplines. It could be Design, Marketing, Process , technology and others. How do you manage to bring the right strategy and how do you communicate business value to your stakeholders is anyone's challenge. Design thinking can be used effectively in such scenarios to build value propositions and collaboration techniques to bring out top class digital strategy. In the current world scenario we find the collision of business and technology streams. Increasingly the business teams in large enterprises are getting involved in the Digital business and vigorously participate in building of digital strategies. What has been largely technical domain now runs as business domain.



October 29, 2015

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  2. “Design thinking in producing Digital strategy” Jefferson Cornelius August 2015

  3. Digital Strategy Business Goals/ Objectives Roadmap Communications Marketing ROI Technology

    Experience Design Channels Innovation Products
  4. Effective questions for Digital Strategy What are we trying to

    achieve? Financial! Where are we now? Diagnostics! Who are we serving? Customers/ Users/ Employees! What is the solution? Concept/ Innovation! Why are doing this? Competition! How are we prepared? People/Process /Technology ! How do we tell? Channels/ Marketing Will there be any benefit? Simulation /ROI
  5. Business Design Thinking Transform Business Increase Employee Productivity Eliminate Wastage

    of efforts Enhance Customer Satisfaction Solutions that match People’s needs with what is technologically feasible and what a viable business strategy can convert into customer value and market opportunity based on Fine balance Empathy Understandin g context Creativity Insight & Solution Generation Rationality Analyze and select fitting solutions BUSINESS Reflect ROI and Value New culture of generating ideas
  6. What do the client want? “I am not satisfied with

    the regular run-of-the- mill efforts” Innovation - desiring Trust - demanding “I am fed up of enhancement requests due to inherent flaws” Want a Digital Strategy that is Holistic Wants a Digital Strategy devoid of inherited flaws Largely two types
  7. Value Usability Access Scalability Collaborate Customer/User/Citizen Centricity Financials Policies Community

    Customer/User/ Citizen Omni Channel Productivity Pleasure Progressive Advantage Eco-System
  8. Case Need • Product Buy versus Build Decision • Integrated

    Warehouse Eco-system • Increase Global Reach and new sales • Speed of Execution • Ease of use and Productivity Action • Design thinking workshops • Rapid Prototyping • Warehouse visits • Diagnostics • User Research, Journey mapping • Financial Modeling
  9. Jefferson Cornelius Questions! Thanks!