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UXINDIA17 - Building Empathy at Zoomcar

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November 20, 2017

UXINDIA17 - Building Empathy at Zoomcar

Building Empathy at Zoomcar



November 20, 2017


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  2. Building Empathy at Zoomcar Dave Springgay

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  7. What is Empathy? The Interaction Design Foundation: Empathy is our

    ability to see the world through other people's eyes, to see what they see, feel what they feel, and experience things as they do.
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  10. Create a plan Intro Direction

  11. Four steps 1. Everybody should do one thing a month

    to build customer empathy 2. Share what you learn 3. Track participation 4. Make an impact
  12. Seven activities 1. Rent a Zoomcar 2. Work at the

    pickup site for a day 3. Work in customer support for a day 4. Rent a competitor’s car 5. Shadow a customer 6. Re-enact a bad customer experience 7. Attend a customer event
  13. Rent a Zoomcar

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  16. Work at a pickup site

  17. Work in customer support

  18. Shadow a customer

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  20. Get to know your best customers

  21. Share what you learn

  22. Track participation

  23. Lessons learned It’s easy to get started Seeing is believing

    It’s not always clear how you should “get in touch with customers” The lunch and learn is only 1 hour long
  24. Working at a pickup site Explore the site Talk to

    the fleet execs Wear a Zoomcar shirt Introduce yourself to every customer Ask questions Observe the pickup Record any issues
  25. Presentation What did you do? What did you learn about

    your customer? What did you learn about our services? How could we improve them? What new services could we create?
  26. After 6 weeks

  27. Lessons learned Manage your contributors proactively You start to hear

    the same issues. When we hear about an issue 3 times, we take action. Empathy is not the end goal. It’s a means to an end Many of the issues cut across the organization. It’s critical to have different departments in the room
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