Cozy Up To Better Results: Specialization in a World Full of Commodities

F991989d0d0f4a77f2d3c67089f9355d?s=47 Val Geisler
August 09, 2019

Cozy Up To Better Results: Specialization in a World Full of Commodities


Val Geisler

August 09, 2019


  1. 8. @lovevalgeisler | @fixmychurn retail expert ✅ email strategist and

    copywriter ✅ decade+ running a business ✅ worked in-house as #1 marketing hire Hey Hi Hello
  2. 9. @lovevalgeisler | @fixmychurn 1.“Your estimate is the most expensive

    we got for this… is there anything you can do about the cost?” 2.“Why should I hire you over another marketer with the same experience who can do the job just as well as you?” 

  3. 17. @lovevalgeisler | @fixmychurn Self employed? 
 Here comes burnout!

    In-house team member? 
 Let’s have more planning meetings!
  4. 29. @lovevalgeisler | @fixmychurn 1. What kind of clients have

    the greatest need for the types of skills you possess? 
 2. Who would you most enjoy working with? 
 3. And just as importantly – how can you find them??
  5. 34. @lovevalgeisler | @fixmychurn ➔ painful, urgent, or costly

    exists across a variety of industries and business segments
  6. 49. @lovevalgeisler | @fixmychurn for B2C business focused on monthly

    recurring revenue, 
 I help by increasing trial conversions and reducing churn
  7. 69. @lovevalgeisler | @fixmychurn Needs of the project come first.

    Needs of the team come second.
 Your own needs come third.