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Optimizing your Apps for Emerging Markets

November 01, 2014

Optimizing your Apps for Emerging Markets

In the past few years, Android has grown exponentially, and now more than one billion people use Android devices every month from more than 40,000 different device models. Emerging markets like India,China, Brazil and Indonesia are driving this growth. We need to be able to customize the experiences of these people in order to build amazing products. What works for high-end smartphones won't necessarily work on low end phones which are very common in these emerging markets.

In order to accomplish this, we need to be smart about things like performance, network and data. This talk discusses about the challenges that your users face on feature phones and how to overcome those using some tips and tricks which would make a lot of difference. Also covers some examples of how some popular companies optimize their apps for emerging markets.


November 01, 2014

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  1. Appropriate Image Size • Thumbnail, Preview Image, Full Image •

    Low-res devices might never need a full resolution image • Most times the thumbnail is enough
  2. JPEG WEBP PNG GIF Lossy Lossless Transparency Animation Comparisons 90%

    of images sent to Facebook for Android are WebP format
  3. Compression • Use Native WebP decoder on Android 4.2 and

    later • Use libwebp and libpng to transcode back to JPEG and PNG. To avoid the transcoding cost, use JPG with mozjpeg • Compatible with JPEG • 5% size reducation