Elasticsearch Meetup Vienna - webLyzard Live Demo

Elasticsearch Meetup Vienna - webLyzard Live Demo

The Elastic blog [1] recently featured webLyzard’s Visual Exploration of Sustainability Communication with Elasticsearch, a project [2] to track global information flows. Customized for the United Nations Environment Programme, the resulting platform identifies opinion leaders and analyzes the public debate surrounding the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Its custom-built dashboard [3] synchronizes multiple views in real time and uses aggregations to convey context information through a portfolio of visual tools.

Two of the webLyzard [4] co-founders will present a live demo of the platform and similar applications in other domains. They will discuss some of the underlying aggregations and their experience of recently migrating to Elasticsearch 6.5. The concluding outlook will show how predictive capabilities might help to anticipate mobility bottlenecks, support digital newsrooms, or maximize the impact of published content across social media channels.

[1] https://www.elastic.co/blog/weblyzards-visual-exploration-of-sustainability-communication-with-elasticsearch
[2] https://www.weblyzard.com/unep-live
[3] https://unep.ecoresearch.net
[4] https://www.weblyzard.com


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December 14, 2018