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Storytelling Workout

Storytelling Workout

Routines and Techniques for the Interactive Graphics Editor.

Benjamin Wiederkehr

September 18, 2013

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  1. presented by Interactive Things 4 Goal Give an accurate picture

    of the development of the unemployment rate of the cantons of Switzerland over the past 10 years. People 1 Journalists 2 Designer 1 Developer Process 1. Research 2. Concept 3. Design 4. Implementation Advantages No Surprizes Disadvantages No Surprizes!
  2. presented by Interactive Things 6 Sie wissen etwas über Ihre

    Stadt, das andere auch wissen sollten. Tragen Sie es in die Karte ein! Stadtgeflüster Zeigen Sie uns die verborgenen Seiten Ihrer Stadt. Mitmachen
  3. presented by Interactive Things 7 Goal Let the users post

    and share their own stories. People 3 Journalists from 3 newspapers 3 designers from 3 studios 4 developers from 3 organizations 2 teams in 2 countries 4 native languages. Process 1. Vision & strategy 2. Designing, Developing Advantages Fun & Spirit Disadvantages Staying organized and on schedule
  4. presented by Interactive Things 11 Goal Surprise the reader everyday

    with an interesting fact about Switzerland. People 2 Journalists 2 Designer 1 Developer Process 1. Research & Concept 2. Design & Development Advantages Immediate feedback and the chance to make improvements on a daily basis. Disadvantages Lack of consistency due to the lack of a clear picture of all components and their varying requirements.
  5. presented by Interactive Things 14 Goal Tell four personal stories

    about the current situation in the Japanese prefecture Fukushima two years after the catastrophe of 2011. People 12 Journalists 6 Designer 3 Developer 1 Photographer 1 Translator Process 2 months of research 2 weeks of writing, editing, designing, implementing. Advantages Content and form, in other words the story and the product become tightly integrated and inspire each other during the production. Disadvantages Sleep deprivation