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Tony Pearce, Reality Clash

November 20, 2018

Tony Pearce, Reality Clash

Reality Clash, One Year on After the ICO, What They Learned Along the Way

(White Nights Conference Moscow 2018)
The official conference website — http://wnconf.com


November 20, 2018

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  1. Reality Clash One year on since our ICO The ups

    and downs along the way & The Future of Blockchain & Gaming
  2. Reality Gaming Group is a games studio which has developed

    an Augmented Reality, and digital asset-trading platform utilising Blockchain technology. The first game to be launched on the platform is Reality Clash
  3. s World’s first mobile combat game integrated with the blockchain

    and combining AR, VR and geo-location mapping
  4. ICO (Initial Coin Offering) Reality Gaming Group launch an ICO

    14 months ago We used an initial coin offering to secure cash towards funding the development of Reality Clash. Investors paid us with ETHER and in return we gave them them our RCC gold coins at $0.20

  6. The Armoury Store – buy weapons to play in the

    game or trade in the market place Opened April 2018
  7. Armoury Stats 75% of all our guns sold out in

    24 hours 500,000 RCC coins spent in our Armoury store 3000 Guns sold since launch
  8. WEAPON DEVELOPMENT • Console quality graphics • Full 3D guns

    • Real sound effects • Launched the world’s first crypto skin guns

  10. Reality Launches in Q4 2018


  12. The Market Place – Launching November 2018


  14. Gameplay • No mobile attachments or add-ons • Uses the

    phone’s camera, presenting an augmented reality VR portal on the phone's screen • Connect to teams in real-time using geo map technology • Join missions to win in-game content and upgrades • Pokemon Go meets Fortnite
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  16. THE ICO

  17. s 14 months ago there was… • No KYC on

    investors • No private ICO investors • No real structure or rules for ICO’s • No regulations whats-so-ever • You could advertise your ICO across all social networks • Scammers and fraudsters around every corner The ICO market has changed considerably in this time
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  21. Reality Clash raised 9000 ETHER in 4 weeks 1500 investors

    Average investment was 6 Ether Sold 16 million RCC coins ICO Stats
  22. What happened after our ICO?

  23. Our token value dropped 50% in value 

  24. When we launched our store in June it increased 380%

    in value 
  25. s Sign up now to become a beta tester www.realityclash.com

  26. Where will the Blockchain have the most impact in games

    over the next 12 months, 5 years and 10 years? s
  27. 12 Months • More traditional gamers will be exposed to

    cryptocurrency and blockchain • Transaction fees will reduce • The first blockchain protocols that can handle high transaction speeds • Better UX, game design to help onboard new customers into crypto and make the process smoother • Consumers will start to understand that most of the digital things they have historically purchased were licenses and that they didn't really own anything
  28. 5 Years • Players will start taking their game characters

    and items between games • New game mechanics based on smart contracts • Digital rights ownership will start to change • New business models begin to grow – customers retain ownership and legacy between games • Average gamers will go from being a little confused why a 2018 blockchain gaming fans would pay tens of thousands of dollars for a rare digital collectible, to seeing those people as smart early adopters
  29. • Item trading has moved from the grey market to

    being an integral part of a game's design • AR / VR avatar ownership rises • Gamers will be talking a lot less about blockchain specific games because blockchain secured assets will be a common component to most games. • Consumers will go from understanding true digital ownership to demanding it 10 Years
  30. Thanks tony@realityclash.com Twitter @reality_clash Telegram @realityclash