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WooConf Day 1: Top Takeaways

April 06, 2016

WooConf Day 1: Top Takeaways


April 06, 2016

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  1. “WooCommerce is now democratizing selling - you can sell anything

    online.” - Matt Mullenweg @photomatt WOOCONF LEARN.DEVELOP.SELL
  2. “The conversion rate for Amazon Prime subscribers is 75%. The

    reason they’re successful is the process.” - Peep Laja @peeplaja WOOCONF LEARN.DEVELOP.SELL
  3. “All shopping carts suck di erently, the key is finding

    the right least suckage factor.” - Steven Sashen @invisibleshoe WOOCONF LEARN.DEVELOP.SELL
  4. “The basic requirements on a subscription basis fulfilled on a

    subscription basis.” - Brent Shepherd @thenbrent WOOCONF LEARN.DEVELOP.SELL
  5. “I cater to a professional audience, yet HALF the transactions

    are with PayPal. It lowers the barrier to entry for people utilizing my site. ” - Brian Krogsgard @Krogsgard WOOCONF LEARN.DEVELOP.SELL
  6. “What people need to get is not IF Facebook works

    for your audience - but HOW. How to do it e ectively and a ordably.” - Miracle Wanzo @miraclewanzo WOOCONF LEARN.DEVELOP.SELL
  7. “Our metric for scaling is add-to-cards-per-minute. On Cyber Monday, we

    got 2,000 add-to-carts-per-minute.” - Chris Lema @chrislema WOOCONF LEARN.DEVELOP.SELL
  8. “Your payment experience should match your store experience - WooCommerce

    is beautiful, so your payment process should match.” - Mark Hagan of @HeartlandHPY WOOCONF LEARN.DEVELOP.SELL
  9. “There are 12K tax jurisdictions in the US and more

    than 35K tax rates.” - Ellen Wixted of @avalara WOOCONF LEARN.DEVELOP.SELL
  10. “Social media and content is about connecting to your audience

    is a meaningful way.” - Dustin W. Stout @DustinWStout WOOCONF LEARN.DEVELOP.SELL
  11. “It’s a 2-step approach: identify your best customers and focus

    on growing them.” - Drew Sanocki @drewsanocki on finding your whales WOOCONF LEARN.DEVELOP.SELL
  12. “Make a list of the projects that are costing you

    energy, and then consider why you’re spending time on them. Could it have been a lie?” - David de Boer @davdebcom WOOCONF LEARN.DEVELOP.SELL
  13. “"Your audience is the truth, and you're the sleuth." Like

    Carmen San Diego.” - Chase Reeves @chase_reeves WOOCONF LEARN.DEVELOP.SELL
  14. “70,000 The number of times a coupon can be used

    before things break.” - Patrick Garman @pmgarman WOOCONF LEARN.DEVELOP.SELL
  15. “Security is not static - it’s an environment that always

    changes, a combination of people, process & technology” - Tony Perez @perezbox WOOCONF LEARN.DEVELOP.SELL
  16. “More people are using mobile but mobile eCommerce conversion is

    low, 25% that of the desktop.” - Patrick Rauland @bftrick WOOCONF LEARN.DEVELOP.SELL
  17. “Lasting innovation comes from a journey, not just a single

    idea.” - Kenn Kelly @KennKelly WOOCONF LEARN.DEVELOP.SELL
  18. We want to be treated online as well as we’re

    treated in person - like we’re known, that genuine, personal relationship.” - Heather Brunner @heatherjbrunner WOOCONF LEARN.DEVELOP.SELL
  19. “Performance means money - the faster the search, the better.”

    - Zohar Gilad @zohargilad WOOCONF LEARN.DEVELOP.SELL
  20. “You can be in your house watching TV and then

    the lights go on and o , like ‘ah I just made money!’ Pretty fun.” - Bryce Adams @bryceadams WOOCONF LEARN.DEVELOP.SELL