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Product Thinking with the Product Field

Product Thinking with the Product Field

A short introduction to the complexity of product innovation, Product Thinking and the Product Field. (Talk at betahaus Academy, April 2016)

Wolfgang Wopperer-Beholz

April 08, 2016

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  1. Distribution and transaction costs are disappearing. Information is available in

    abundance. Attention is becoming the scarce resource. Digital changes everything.
  2. It’s not enough to improve existing concepts. Production and distribution

    have to be reconsidered as fundamentally as user needs and business models. Radically new conditions require radically new products.
  3. Simple rules and linear processes don’t do it justice. They

    regularly lead to false assessments, failure and frustration: Product innovation is complex.
  4. Drivers Enablers Users Customers Production Distribution Motivations Goals UX Marketing

    Product Management Engineering Viability Desirability Marketability Feasibility Product
  5. Product Thinking is a mindset and methodology that treats product

    innovation as a complex system and aims to maximize its sustainable impact on all stakeholders.
  6. The Product Field is a cognitive medium for product innovation:

    A model, a canvas and a toolbox to collaboratively develop better products and systematically increase your capacity for innovation.
  7. Drivers Enablers Users Customers Production Distribution Motivations Goals Viability Desirability

    Marketability Feasibility UX Marketing Product Management Engineering Product
  8. Frame Establish shared understanding Map Gather facts and generate shared

    big picture Check Validate consistency, coherence and viability Find Discover strengths, weaknesses and potential