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BMTC18: Marketing: Event Marketing for Breweries and Guilds

BMTC18: Marketing: Event Marketing for Breweries and Guilds

Have the latest, greatest, best beer event happening but wish you could get more people to it? Hear from Eventbrite on how to best address these topics, and more. Presenter: Katie Sawyer @Eventbrite
How to properly use SEO for Promoting the Event
How to use Social Media for Event Promotion
Best Practices Promoting with Email
Onsite Logistics


Zephyr Conferences

March 07, 2018


  1. 1 Event Marketing in 2018: The Strategies Beer Marketers Need

    Katie Sawyer 03.7.2018
  2. Agenda 2 1. Why Do Events Help Your Beer Brand?

    2. How Do You Promote Your Event? 3. How Can You Stand Out in a Saturated Market? 4. Questions
  3. Why Do Events Help Your Beer Brand? 1

  4. 4 * Eventbrite survey of 5,000 food and drink festival

  5. 5 99% of attendees will recommend your brand after attending

    a beer event
  6. 6 After attending a beer event: Why should you host

    a beer event?
  7. How Do You Promote Your Event? 2

  8. SEO 2.1

  9. 9 The average event can expect 5-10% of their sales

    to come through search
  10. • Post regularly • Monitor your ranking using Google Analytics

    • Choose a ticketing partner whose site has good domain authority Make sure Google trusts your site
  11. Make your event page show up first on mobile searches

  12. 12 Vary your content across multiple promotional channels

  13. 13 • Drive traffic by increasing domain “authority” • Optimize

    for mobile search • Vary your content from each site SEO Takeaways
  14. Social Media 2.2

  15. 15 70% of event creators will continue organic social media

    in 2018
  16. Focus on the platforms that matter to your audience

  17. 17 63% of event creators used influencer marketing in 2017

  18. • Use technology to help find the right influencers •

    Align your campaign plan with your goals • Don’t just think about what they can do for you How to use social media influencers to drive attendance
  19. 19 • Tailor your message for each social media platform

    • Don’t post just to post • Use hashtags — if it makes sense Be intentional with each post
  20. 20 Include a clear call-to-action

  21. 21 • Focus on where you can best reach potential

    attendees • Use social media influencers to boost awareness • Tailor your content to each social network • Have a clear call to action Social Media Takeaways
  22. Email Marketing 2.3

  23. 23 91% of people check their email every day

  24. Build your email list • Promote on social media •

    Encourage recipients to share your email • Add a sign-up button to your Facebook page • Collect email addresses at your events
  25. 25 60% of online consumers have made a purchase because

    of an email
  26. Segment your audience

  27. Optimize your emails for mobile

  28. 28 Email is worth the effort

  29. 29 • Build your email list • Segment your audience

    • Optimize your email for mobile • Keep potential attendees engaged Email Marketing Takeaways
  30. Consumer Traffic 2.4

  31. 31 70% of traffic online is to Google and Facebook-owned

  32. Sell tickets in multiple places

  33. 33 1 in 10 buyers drop off for every extra

    field in the purchase form
  34. • 2x more ticket sales and free registrations • Ticket

    purchases on distribution sites more than doubled since 2016 • Food & drink, festival, and fair attendees are the fastest-growing segment
  35. How Can You Stand Out in a Saturated Market? 3

  36. Go Hyper-Local 3.1

  37. 37 Our priority is a curated local beer selection. We

    want to attract people that are interested in the art of it — in the process, in the craft. —Kelly Taylor President of the NYC Brewers Guild
  38. • Partner with other local breweries that use local ingredients

    in their brews • Keep your event small if it ensures top quality beer and service • Deepen community connection by partnering with local organizations Getting local
  39. Get Creative With Your Cuisine 3.2

  40. 40 Providing food is the only responsible thing to do

    when you have a group of people tasting beer for hours. —Dave McLean Founding Member of the San Francisco Brewers Guild
  41. • Bacon & Beer Classic: ◦ 80+ regional craft beers,

    unlimited bacon snacks, and a bacon-eating contest • Fort Point Brewing Company: ◦ Dim sum brunch during SF Beer Week • Other ways? Food trucks! Doubling down on food
  42. Think Outside the Taproom 3.3

  43. 43 We don’t necessarily want to go to the place

    where everybody does a beer festival. We really like to go to places that showcase the host city. We want that instant identification, that ‘WOW’ factor.’ —Erin Morrissey Event Project Manager, Sierra Nevada
  44. • Public gardens • Urban warehouses • National parks •

    Botanical gardens Unique venue ideas Things to keep in mind • Needs to be easy to load in • Grass is better than concrete • Public transit is a plus
  45. Drink to Make a Difference 3.4

  46. 46 There’s an opportunity for beer brands to help organizations

    raise money and awareness, all while getting people to try beer in fun unexpected settings. —Colleen Fredericks, Partnerships and Community Engagement, Fort Point Beer Company
  47. • Donate beer to a charitable event — including brewers

    to pour on-site • Supply volunteers with free drinks at the end of a community volunteering day • Host your event in a location that draws awareness to a space How your brand can give back
  48. Full bleed image. Copy on top of imagery should only

    be done if it maintains legibility In 2017, 63% of event creators used influencer marketing. Whether you’re a craft brewer, a brewery owner, or an event organizer — or all three — events are a vital part of your promotional strategy
  49. 49 Questions? Katie Sawyer ksawyer@eventbrite.com LinkedIn: katiesawyersf

  50. 50 99% of attendees will recommend your brand after attending

    a beer event
  51. 51 Thank you