New Vue. New Compiler. Let's Unpack

1135c452bcb851741181b804cd184972?s=47 Rahul Kadyan
February 21, 2020

New Vue. New Compiler. Let's Unpack

It's a compiler talk. Wait! Let me tell you something before you walk away, the compilation of Vue template may appear some dark-art, but when you look under the hood, it is a series of simple coordinated steps. In this talk, we would dive deep into the simple steps and how they coordinate to build the compilation process.


— Steps in Vue compilation - The Vue compiler
— The template compiler
— The parser and what goes into writing a parser?
— The optimizer and what can be optimized?
— The code generator
— Augmenting the template compiler
— Augmenting the Vue compiler - Use cases for compiler augmentation


Rahul Kadyan

February 21, 2020