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Developer Experience, API design and craft skills

Developer Experience, API design and craft skills

We define Developer Experience as applying the tools and techniques of User Experience professionals to the design of artefacts for developers. What does that mean for you? What changes if you start thinking about and testing the usability of the APIs you design and build? In this talk I’ll explain how thinking about Developer Experience as a craft skill (something honed through iteration, heuristics and the transmission of tacit knowledge) should affect your day job.

This was the keynote at PHP Northwest 2012 in Manchester.

Ade Oshineye

October 06, 2012

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  1. 1 UX techniques for developer-facing products 2 Focus on the

    OOB experience 3 Use convention over configuration 4 Design away common problems
  2. REPAIR “making and repairing form a single whole” “it is

    by fixing things that we often get to understand how they work”
  3. STATIC REPAIR “the simplest way to make a repair is

    to take something apart, find and fix what’s wrong, then restore the object to its former state”
  4. DYNAMIC REPAIR “a dynamic repair will change the object’s current

    form or function once it is reassembled” “the dynamic repair may involve a jump of domains, as when a mathematical formula corrects a defect in observed data. Or the dynamic repair may invite new tools for working with objects”
  5. SKILL AND COMMUNITY “in craftwork, people can and do improve”

    “the isolated expert sends a signal that the organization is in trouble” “too many modern experts imagine themselves in the Stradivari trap−indeed, we could call the Stradivari Syndrome the conviction that one’s expertise is ineffable...as a result their skills degrade over time in comparison with doctors who turn outward professionally”
  6. BROKEN? Last release: 2007 XXX open bugs and patches Supported

    ancient versions of Python Standard Feedparser for Python (and other) communities