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Parallel batch

September 19, 2012

Parallel batch

Parallel batch helps to distribute batches across servers. It works great with Rails app.


September 19, 2012

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  1. I am Alexis Bernard and work at Official.fm as chief

    technical architect. [email protected] github.com/alexisbernard twitter.com/alexis_bernard
  2. What is a batch? A batch is a processing that

    runs on a group of records.
  3. How do we code batches with Rails on Rails? Track.not_encoded.each

    do |track| track.not_encoded.encode_mp3 end Loads all instances in memory Not usable on large tables
  4. Track.not_encoded.find_each do |track| track.encode_mp3 end Load instances per batch of

    1000, but not parallelizable Since it is not parallelized, this batch can take many days or weeks ! Improved version
  5. How can we parallelize ? Threads and processes are limited

    by resources of a single device. Distributing has no resources limitation, since it run on many devices. Parallel batch handles everything to distribute your batches across servers.
  6. class TrackBatch < ParallelBatch def scope Track.not_encoded end def perform(track)

    track.encode_mp3 end end TrackBatch.start(5) # Start 5 workers
  7. How it works under the hood ? Parallel batch relies

    on the database as a mutex. It prevents workers to process a record multiple times.
  8. ParallelBatch is an ActiveRecord sub class irb :001 > ParallelBatch

    ParallelBatch( id: integer, type: string, offset: string, created_at: datetime, updated_at: datetime)
  9. class ParallelBatch < ActiveRecord::Base def run while records = next_batch

    records.each { |record| perform(record) } end end def next_batch transaction do reload(lock: true) next unless (records = find_records).last update_attributes!(offset: records.last.id) records end end end