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A New Atlas of American History (USF 2016)

Alan McConchie
February 24, 2016

A New Atlas of American History (USF 2016)

Presentation about American Panorama to the USF Data Visualization Speaker Series

Presentation notes: http://sta.mn/gh3 (click here for links and animated gifs)

Video of the presentation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=14Ij7kXKtkI

Alan McConchie

February 24, 2016

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  1. photo © Nathaniel Ayers
    American Panorama:
    A New Atlas of
    American History
    University of San Francisco
    Data Visualization Speaker Series
    February 24, 2016
    Alan McConchie // @mappingmashups
    Stamen Design // @stamen
    http://sta.mn/gh3 // @americanpano

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  2. Charles O. Paullin
    John K. Wright
    Published 1932

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  5. “The ideal historical atlas might well be a
    collection of motion-picture maps, if these could
    be displayed on the pages of a book without the
    paraphernalia of projector, reel and screen.”
    – John K. Wright

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  10. photo © Nathaniel Ayers
    An Atlas of United States History

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  11. Launched in December:
    four interactive maps
    photo © Nathaniel Ayers

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  12. photo © Nathaniel Ayers
    Launched in December:
    four interactive maps
    Plus a toolkit for hundreds more...

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  13. photo © Nathaniel Ayers
    Forced Migration of Enslaved People
    in the United States
    dsl.richmond.edu / panorama / forcedmigration

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  21. synced tables from
    Google Sheets
    D3 charts
    map tiles
    Leaflet markers,
    D3 overlays (svg + canvas)
    user interaction:

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  23. EPSG: 2163
    US National Atlas Equal-Area
    (Lambert Azimuthal)

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  24. SELECT cartodb_id,
    ST_Transform(the_geom_webmercator, 2163)
    AS the_geom_webmercator, ...

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  25. But what about that terrain?

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  26. +
    Tile from CartoDB OpenTerrain tile
    (mostly transparent)
    Stacked tiles
    in Leaflet

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  35. Hans Rosling: gapminder.org

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  36. photo © Nathaniel Ayers
    Overland Trails
    dsl.richmond.edu / panorama / overlandtrails

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  41. E. J. Marey
    Paris to Lyon train schedule (1885)

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  42. photo © Nathaniel Ayers
    Foreign-born Population
    dsl.richmond.edu / panorama / foreignborn

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  44. New York Times
    Map of Olympic Medals

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  45. Moritz Stefaner
    Map Your Moves

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  46. Andy Woodruff et al.
    Value-by-alpha map

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  50. photo © Nathaniel Ayers
    dsl.richmond.edu / panorama / canals

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  53. github.com/americanpanorama

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  54. dsl.richmond.edu/panorama
    Alan McConchie // @mappingmashups
    Stamen Design // @stamen
    Digital Scholarship Lab // @americanpano
    Slides, notes, & links // sta.mn/gh3

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